All Pro Solutions WKB-4000US Wireless Mini Touchpad Keyboard

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The Wireless SlimTouch Mini touchpad keyboard featuring 2.4GHz RF connectivity, an ultra-slim, ultra-stylish design with clean lines, and an integrated touchpad. The Adesso Wireless SlimTouch Mini keyboard fits beautifully with contemporary PC systems, flat LCD monitors and Tablet PC's in modern office environments. It can sit in a conference room or office and can instantly go mobile easily fitting in a briefcase or backpack. When on the road, the USB mini-receiver plugs directly into a notebook or another PC providing connectivity up to 20 feet away.

Quick Glance

Included Devices: Touchpad

Interface Connection: Keyboard - USB

General Features: Slim, Lightweight

Wireless: Keyboard - Wireless

Layout Style: Standard

System Type: PC


Product Title: All Pro Solutions WKB-4000US Wireless Mini Touchpad Keyboard

Manufacturer: All Pro Solutions

Lowest Price: $60.64 from

Power Score: 3.6 | 16 Reviews

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Product Reviews (11)

Tips for Silky Smooth Operation

Strengths: Silky smooth operation in optimal environment.

Weakness: Collides with WiFi.

This unit will deliver silky smooth operation consistently if you follow these tips. 1. Don't forget to hit a key twice (recommend SHIFT) to wake it up. 2. If you are dropping keys or have choppy mouse movements: A. Try swapping with known good batteries. B. Reposition the USB adapter. I got much better range by using an USB extension cable to relocate the adapter. Just moving the adapter six...
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By BSalita - Nov 22, 2007

Works ok with Mac Mini HTPC

Strengths: Lightweight, decent battery life, no drivers needed, all-in-one design, works ok with my mac mini, great range

Weakness: loud mouse buttons (though it supports tap clicking), takes a while to wake up from sleep, isn't fully compatible with my mac mini (details below) and its a bit pricey for what it is.

I got this keyboard to control my HTPC powered by my Mac Mini. Overall it works well. It freaked out when I had my bluetooth enabled, but it might have been because I used to use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. While this keyboard does not have volume controls, the windows key can be reconfigured as the apple key. Overall, its not a bad keyboard. I am really glad it is an all-in-one design. That...
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By murphyjunk - Nov 1, 2007

Great Product

Strengths: Long range, compact but functional size, touchpad.

Weakness: Touchpad left and right mouse buttons have a loud click when pressed.

This is a great product. I'm able to operate the keyboard half way across my condo, much farther than I would ever need. The size and layout is similar to a laptop keyboard. The touchpad buttons are loud which is mildly anoying when my wife is reading and I'm on the computer. But you can single/double click in the touchpad without using the buttons anyways. I'm glad I bought this instead of...
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By Joshua; - Jun 1, 2007

Wireless SlimTouch Mini 2.4GHz USB Touchpad Keyboard

Strengths: Easy to install, less character drop than Belking media pilot, easy wake-up keyboard with key touch, small footprint.

Weakness: No media controls, should be available in other colors

I miss the basic media functions like mute, vol control, but if you want a keyboard more than a media center control device, this is a good choice. I wish it came in straight black so it would be less obvious in the room. Overall it works well if you have a remote for the media center and use this keyboard for surfing from the couch or kitchen. Range is good, scroll feature on the touchpad is...
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By stevencraig - May 28, 2007

Overpriced Keyboard that works reasonably well

Strengths: Compact, good range, extremely easy setup. It mimics a laptop keyboard exactly.

Weakness: Keys to small, cheap construction feel.

I am a programmer and at the keys for 10+ hours a day. I bought this in hope of easing wrist pain by using the integrated touchpad, & placing it on my lap. I wish it was full size, as it's just too small to be effective, but I had expected that might be an issue and jsut had to try it out myself. For a casual user, this keyboard is probably fine. My biggest gripe is the feel & quality. While not...
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By anonymous; - May 8, 2007

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