Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel


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Feel every bump, curb, pothole, and fender-bender with realistic force feedback wheel technology. Enhance your control with the realistic shifter and foot pedals designed by the racing pros at MOMO.

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Controller Type: Gaming Steering Wheel

Connectivity: Cable

System Type: PC, Mac


Product Title: Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel

Manufacturer: Logitech

Lowest Price: $249.99 from Amazon.com Marketplace

Power Score: 4.3 | 23 Reviews

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Quality and Convenience

Strengths: Almost out of this world construction and design. Functionality leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination or to be desired. A true standard among SIM wheel controllers. Quick to set up and take dow

Weakness: Quick to set up and take down.KDDNG:)

It makes participation in my racing sim a breeze and keeps your attention on the game with a real authority. Is highly customizable for many persons or varied moods and settings. I like it tough and it gives it tough consistently without a pause or yelp. With optical sensors and navigation, it offers much respect to the endeavor and driver to excel and do your best ever possible and keep getting...
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By robJ; - Jun 11, 2009

MOMO entertainment value

Strengths: Responsiveness.You can feel the pavement,dirt,water,or whatever through this wheel;AND,when airborn,or at high speeds,you can feel the weightlessness of your vehicle.

Weakness: Impact is not always impressive.A head on crash may not feel like much,yet a lesser one might feel more intense. This wheel is not the sturdiest peripheral Iv'e owned.

Iv'e had my wheel for at least 3 years and my kids and I still enjoy it and it still works like new.BOTTOM LINE:Just playing 4 games (Flatout/Flatout 2/Midnight club 2/1NSANE)this item has provided hundreds(if not thousands)of hours of entertainment for around 100 dollars.Compare that to spending 100 plus dollars or more taking your family to a movie or a ballgame.My reason for writing this...
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By chewy47 - Nov 28, 2007


Strengths: The wheel has potential, the DEMO of Logitech's Gaming Software Profile manager shows many force feedback effects are possible, and gives strong movements when activated, BUT that's about all. :(

Weakness: ALL the games I've tried this wheel with don't fully support ALL the force feedback effects this wheel can give... and Logitech can't tell me what games do. I feel I've wasted my cash on this wheel.

It's amazing, for a company to have a product with so much potential for realistic wheel action, they can't tell me what companies are supporting all of its force feedback effects in the games. I've tried many different racing games, driving simulators, and other games using this wheel controller, and NONE so far actually use all the effects for force feedback. (there seems to be 10 or 12...
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By amazed001 - Dec 9, 2006

great for big desks

Strengths: stays in place good

Weakness: gets in the way if you have a small desk

This racing wheel is very great and worth the price. The pedals stay in place good and so does the wheel. The only thing bad I experienced with it was that you have to have a big desk for it. When I don't want to use it it just gets in the way. This product would be good for people who have alot of extra room on their desk.

By jacob v.; - Nov 29, 2006


Strengths: nice grip on wheel itself. Shifter padels are solid.

Weakness: Gas pedal breaks after about 3 months!! everytime, all the time!!!

This WHEEL is great, forcefeedback is awesome, the rubber used has real good grip to it, the padels used for shifting are well placed and work well,,,,,,,, but alas, sad to say , the PEDALS are just plain old TRASH!! Between me and my 4 racing buddies we have gone through about 9 of these things and the pedals always peter out!! THE BRAKE PEDAL IS FINE BUT THE GAS PEDAL ONLY REACHES 3/4...
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By greyspeedr; - Jul 5, 2006

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