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Enjoy the performance of a corded joystick without the cord. With the strength of the 2.4GHz cordless technology found in today's best cordless phones, you can stop being limited and start stretching out. We've also added a wealth of buttons and features on the Logitech Freedom 2.4 to give you all the control you need for flight sims, racers, and mech games. Plus, its cool design - featuring brushed aluminum and metal highlights- makes winning look oh so good.

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Controller Type: Gaming Joystick

Connectivity: Wireless - Radio Frequency

System Type: PC, Mac


Product Title: Logitech Freedom 2.4 Joystick

Manufacturer: Logitech

Lowest Price: $225.00 from Amazon.com Marketplace

Power Score: 4.0 | 9 Reviews

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A piece.

Strengths: No cords.

Weakness: Plastic china crap.

Ever since I got the thing it has not worked 100%. The handle twist went bad after 90 days or so and its impossible to calibrate. I took mine apart the other day and it is made of very cheap material. The freedom is nice but not worth the cost.

By Rkwai - Feb 22, 2008

More Trouble Than It's Worth

Strengths: It along with all it's sister sticks from Logitech are the most comfortable sticks I have used. That coupled with a lot of buttons, makes this a nice option.

Weakness: If you game a lot, you will be replacing batteries often. After a lot of use, the sensors start getting dead spots and seem to jump around. They are sealed pots, so they cannot be opened to clean.

I have had 2 Logitech Extreme 3D Pros, 1 Logitech Freedom 2.4 Wireless, and 1 Logitech Force 3D. All of them use the same sensors. All of them developed the same problem after about a year. One joystick broke the solder joints on the main board connection for the sensors due to a short harness. After constant calibrations and swaping sensors, along with soldering connections, I have finally had...
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By anonymous; - Aug 19, 2007

Great buy!!!

Strengths: Precise, No need for in-game control editing, comfortable, decent weight, rechargable batteries(special edition), lots of buttons, shift function, deadzone control, and ITS THE BEST!!!

Weakness: Reciever should go into sleep mode (keeps on blinking), Profiler program takes up a lot of memory while idle, and some games such as GTA screw things up...

I know it was only like 25$... but since you added some metal why cant u make all the grey plastic parts metal? haha... oh and some more eye candy is good... more buttons on the top part wont hurt either...

By diabloroker - Aug 15, 2005

I purchased this joystick for...

Strengths: Good comfort. Twist handle rudder eliminates need for pedals or keyboard to control the rudder. Fast response time.

Weakness: Need to change batteries every once in awhile but not often. Buttons on the base are weirdly positioned.

I purchased this joystick for flying in Battlefield 1942 since my gamepad was not doing so well in that. I got this and was amazed. The twist handle rudder lets me line up my bomb drops with ease. The design looks very nice and is comfortable and is heavy enough not to go sliding around. My only gripe is changing batteries but it's wireless and I expect to change the batteries. Usually batteries...
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By Ghost22 - Nov 10, 2004

I have always been very demanding...

Strengths: Very precise and abundant buttons make this a must have joystick

Weakness: Batteries! I wish it had a charging station with a built in nicad battery pack.

I have always been very demanding when it comes to joysticks. My absolute favorite is the wingman interceptor with the 3 hat switchs. But since Logitech refuses to continue support for it I was forced to continue my search. 6 months rolled by and I came upon the Cordless. Very nice feel but only one hat switch. It has 3 rubber covered legs that help prevent it from sliding around. The trigger is...
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By D3monHill - Nov 24, 2003

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