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I've been using the Flight Yoke...

Strengths: Very flexible configuration. Easy set up. Good drivers and compatibility. Very durable.

Weakness: Elevator axis has too much "dead space". This is not at all like a real plane and makes it difficult to trim consistently. Agravating desk clamp system.

I've been using the Flight Yoke USB for well over a year, mainly with Flight Simulator 2000 Pro, 2002 Pro and Combat Flight Simulator 2. For the price it performs very well. I've had no problems with installation or configuration. Unlike other flight controllers I've used this one doesn't need constant adjustment in the control panel to calibrate it properly. It's always perfectly calibrated and ready to go. I've also had no problems with controls getting dusty and malfunctioning like other controllers. The only real complaint I have is the design of the clamping system. I always have to put a couple of paperback books between the clamp and my desk to secure it properly. This is a really stupid mounting design and needs to be changed. If not for the minor flaws listed above I'd give this one a 5 star rating, especially for the price. Overall, to get a better flight yoke you'd have to spend MUCH more money.

By crashdogg - Feb 13, 2003

I've been using it for a year with...

Strengths: Everything

Weakness: I would say only about 2 things like mentioned above "a really stupid mounting design" - I agree. And no force feedback.

I've been using it for a year with Microsoft Flight Sim 2002/2004/X and really happy with it. Besides that, if company make the same one but a bit more heavy (more seriouse material then plastic) with the force feedback I would buy (or place an exlusive order) it right away, provided the price is 300 - 400- ... $. For me it does worth it. I'm happy to fly and can't imaging it with some keyboard arrows or even game joystick. I'm happy with this YOKE and highly recommend it to every crazy "home pilot" :))

By Alex G; - Oct 16, 2006

CH Yoke

Strengths: Easy to configure, many buttons, feels like a real yoke.

Weakness: Yes, figuring out how to attach it to the desk is a little annoying. Also, the throttle knob and other knobs are a little hard to operate because they are pretty close together.

Just got it today, and its really great. Definitely worth the money, because it really takes simulation to the next level. If you want to invest in any piece of hardware to make flight simulation more realistic, make sure this yoke is the first thing you get.

By e2x2e; - Aug 30, 2006

Very good Flight Sim Yoke

Strengths: Easy setup. Smooth operating.

Weakness: A few more buttons would be nice. The "stab trim wheel" is very stiff.

I've been using the CH Products Flight Sim Yoke with X-Plane 8 for about a year and like it very much. The setup is very easy. The pitch/roll/throttle controls operate smoothly with acceptable precision. Two toggle switches work nice for gear and flaps. The buttons on the yoke are conveniently arranged. A few more buttons on the base would be nice. The only issue with my yoke is the "stab trim wheel". It is very stiff to adjust up/down and so I don't use it.

By Akira; - Feb 9, 2008

CH produced a batch of this...

Strengths: Super design and engineering

Weakness: Beware of noisy spring and RMA returns

CH produced a batch of this product with a very noisy spring (but it works anyway) and they ask you to return it with an RMA. I sent it back from Canada via FEDEX overnight ($100 Cdn). Don't hold your breath waiting to get it back. They repaired it the day after they got it. Five days later they still had not returned it.

By taller - Feb 22, 2003

Product is very good.

Product is very good.

By prism - Sep 26, 2001

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