WD Caviar 30EZRSDTL 3 TB Internal Hard Drive


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As hard drive capacities increase, the power required to run those drives increases as well. WD Caviar Green drives make it possible for energy-conscious customers to build systems with higher capacities and the right balance of system performance, ensured reliability, and energy conservation.


Product Title: WD Caviar 30EZRSDTL 3 TB Internal Hard Drive

Manufacturer: WD

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Power Score: 4.6 | 2 Reviews

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Western Digital 3TB Caviar Green Hard Drive Review

These days many consumers and enthusiasts are looking for massive storage capacities, and for more than a year the largest capacity desktop hard drive that you could buy was 2TB. All that changed today when Western Digital announced the world's first 3.0 Terabyte drive that is available for internal desktop use! Read on to see how this 3TB hard drive performs!
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By legitreviews.com - Nov 13, 2010

Best Storage Hard Drive

Bestcovery experts have rated the Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB Hard Drive as the Best Storage Hard Drive. Bestcovery's experts recommend the best products and services for a particular need based on extensive research and evaluations. Click below to see Bestcovery's full review of this product.
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By bestcovery.com - Dec 3, 2010

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