WD My Book Premium II External 1TB 3.5" Hard Drive


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My Book Premium Edition II dual-drive storage system offers RAID striping for extraordinary capacity and performance. Triple-interface and a powerful combination of features and performance make this system the storage solution of choice for creative professionals, work groups, small offices and anyone looking for extra assurance that their data is safe.

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Interface Type: USB 2.0, FireWire/i.LINK 400, FireWire/i.LINK 800

Internal/External: External

Form Factor Width: 3.5

Drive Type: Hard Drive Array

normalized-Capacity: 1000000

normalized-Rotational Speed: 7200

normalized-Cache Size: 16


Product Title: WD My Book Premium II External 1TB 3.5" Hard Drive

Manufacturer: WD

Lowest Price: $289.99 from Amazon.com Marketplace

Power Score: 3.5 | 6 Reviews

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Stay Away From this

Strengths: I was Great for about 6 months

Weakness: Had 2 of these die within 2 months of each other

I work for a Defense Contractor and my company purchased over 100 of these, 1 for each of us at various locations. My co-worker and I really enjoyed the utility of our My Books for about 6 months then my co-workers stopped being recognized by his computer or any computer we tried, we spent a whole workday trying. By this time the drive was already out of warranty. About 1 1/2 months later mind...
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By Pkooch - May 13, 2009

MyBook 1TB Raid 0/1

Strengths: Triple interface, reliable so far

Weakness: Can get warm when on for long periods of time

I like that this drive is user serviceable. Makes sense on RAID drive. It can run a bit warm but they all do. The light showing the space used is a nice idea, but really not that useful.

By bobley - Jul 12, 2008

MyBook Rocks!

Strengths: Speed, Reliability, Small Footprint

Weakness: Not very attractive, runs a bit warm

I never seem to have enough storage space for all of my video and audio files. MyBook 1 TB gives me a chance to catch up on backing up and still have room left over! I have never had any problems with the MyBook hardware, as this is my 4th or 5th device. The device runs a bit warm but nothing alarming. I trust my back-ups to MyBook!

By SusanBunch - Apr 7, 2008

Great drive

Strengths: looks and upgradeable , triple interface

Weakness: None

Western Digital makes the best looking desktop hardrives. The mybook series has great looks and also the performance is good. This drive has a triple interface so that you can use it with usb or the firewire interfaces. One of the best features is that you can upgrade the drive with new hard drives in future. It has good cache on it so you would never feel that it is slow when transferring huge...
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By prushant - Jan 20, 2008

Best hard drive I ever owned

Strengths: - Triple interface - Extremely fast on FW800 - You can open it and upgrade HD if you want/need to - Come with backup software - Very compact shape

Weakness: - None so far

I have been using this drive for some video editing. I configured it in RAID 0 for fastest performance.

I am planning to buy another one and set it up as RAID 1 for backup.

Unlike other 2 drives enclosure I had before, I can service this drive myself without having to send it somewhere.

I highly recommend this product.

By eyeoftiger - Jul 5, 2007

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