Toshiba Genuine MK6021GAS 60 GB 4200 RPM Internal 2.5 Inches Notebook Hard Drive. New Pull. In...

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Toshiba Genuine MK6021GAS 60 GB 4200 RPM Internal 2.5 Inches Notebook Hard Drive. New Pull. In Stock.

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Internal/External: Internal

Interface Type: IDE (ATA-5/UDMA 100)

Form Factor Width: 2.5 in

Drive Type: Hard Drive

normalized-Capacity: 60000

normalized-Rotational Speed: 4200

normalized-Cache Size: 2


Product Title: Toshiba Genuine MK6021GAS 60 GB 4200 RPM Internal 2.5 Inches Notebook Hard Drive. New Pull. In Stock.

Manufacturer: Toshiba

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Power Score: 1.8 | 8 Reviews

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High Failure Rate

Strengths: Make great paper weights.

Weakness: High failure rate. Very short life.

I've replaced many of these drives, more than any other model drive, in the past year. I'm going on drive #4 in one laptop (original failed after approximately two years, replacement failed after three weeks, RMA replacement failed three months after that). Replacing it with a differant model this time around. Will avoid these like the plague from now on.

By aciocala - Jun 20, 2007

Died After Less Than 3 years use

Strengths: quiet

Weakness: Died after less than 3 years of use

This drive was part of my Sony Viao PCG-V505EC. Recently, it really started to run slow and now I'm going to have to replace the drive after less than 3 years of use. NOT a realiable drive. It has a three year warrenty but who wants to send their computer back to SONY for 6 weeks.

I won't be buying a SONY again, I'll stick to HP. Never had a problem with any of my HP's.

By anonymous; - Jan 23, 2007

avoid this drive....

Strengths: um, nothing springs to mind really...

Weakness: VERY noisy, very slow once you start putting stuff on it. Failed on me today, only after 18 months of use... Cannot handle intensive tasks like recording audio or graphic rendering or video editing.

why sony put this drive in their vaios is beyond me. Like the guy above, i was given a pcg-v505dp model for a job well done. I didn't look into the drive till later, and had i known, i would have had it replaced pronto.... Nice laptop, awful HD. Only useful if you use your Laptop for Internet, mp3s, games, basically general use.........

By anonymous; - Nov 6, 2006


Strengths: reliable...for 2 years..

Weakness: slow, dies after 2 years

its been just a few days more than 2 years, since i bought my laptop with this drive in it. just a few days ago it started screeching so loud, you can hear it 10 feet away, it sounds like a little girl is screaming. now, i have all my family pictures, school work, music, digital videos i recorded, and everything else is just gone. stay away from this drive.

By anonymous; - Jun 20, 2006

Toshiba MK6021GAS HD

Strengths: Worked fine for 2 years then died!

Weakness: Worked fine for 2 years then died!

I'm very disappointed that this HD died after only 2 years in my HP notebook. I bought this in February of 2004 and it died in March of 2006. This has to be one of the best examples of planned obsolescence that I've ever seen!

By anonymous; - Jun 6, 2006

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