Toshiba Canvio E05A050BAU2XK 500 GB External Hard Drive - Black


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Toshiba's Canvio Basics for the PC requires only a single step to start saving and transporting important files: Plug it in. With no software necessary to install and available with 320, 500, or 750GB of storage space, the Canvio Basics portable hard drive offers a hassle-free, high capacity storage solution right out of the box.


Product Title: Toshiba Canvio E05A050BAU2XK 500 GB External Hard Drive - Black

Manufacturer: Toshiba

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Power Score: 2.8 | 10 Reviews

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USB Device not recognised in XP problem solved

I bought a Canvio® Basics 1TB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive P/N E05A100BBU2AK (1TB) last night. Attempts to plug into my USB 1.1 ports very often brings up the pop up "USB Device Not Recognised". However, If I plug the USB just halfway into the port (the white light wll brink for a few seconds & then become steady), then push the USB all the way into the port, "This USB device can perform...
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By on - Oct 20, 2011

Great data storage

i have this drive bout 4 month, im very satisfied with this drive, cheap on price, but good on performance, I recommend this drive

By on - Oct 11, 2011


I've been using this drive for last two months. It was working good only 45gb info used. After copy a couple of movies total 20gb drive started to conect-reconect to the usb port until had to format and lose all data. The drive didn't work anymore and have to return it back. Waste of money.

By on - Aug 30, 2011

Easy to crash

Owned this drive less than six months. Crashed with IMPORTANT data. I will have to hire a data recovery service! I do NOT recommend this drive for important stuff - period. I will be using online data storage in the future.

By on - Jul 17, 2011

Toshiba 500

I purchased this hard drive 7mos ago. At first we had issues with it backing up but then fixed it. Now it crashed-the hard drive started ticking and we have lost everything. From past experiences ticking noise is not a good thing.

By on - Jun 9, 2011

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