Seagate ST3750640AS-RK 750 GB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - Retail

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Our high-speed Serial ATA drive offer easy installation, no jumper settings and thinner cabling for improved airflow.

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Internal/External: Internal

Interface Type: SATA

Form Factor Width: 3.5"

Drive Type: Hard Drive

Capacity: 750000

Rotational Speed: 7200

Cache Size: 16


Product Title: Seagate ST3750640AS-RK 750 GB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive - Retail

Manufacturer: Seagate

Lowest Price: $120.45 from

Power Score: 4.7 | 13 Reviews

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Good hard drive with plenty of storage

Strengths: Amount of storage, reliability.

Weakness: None so far.

I have used seagate hard drives since 1987 and have never had a failure. This drive has plenty of storage, is quiet, and has performed well so far. At .20 a gigabyte I can't complain. Using this one with 2 - 300Gb seagate models and all have given me good service with no downtime so far.

By Bellevue_Escapee - Feb 19, 2008

Seagate Barracuda ST3750640AS-RK 750GB Hard Drive

Strengths: 750GB of Drive Space; Fast and Easy Installation; SATA (no jumpers or thick cables required); 5-year Warranty Included; Retail Box

Weakness: None, I'm currently at 9 months of use and everything is working fine.

The 250GB ATA hard drive that I bought years ago costs the same as this Seagate 750GB drive. At its third year, the 250GB hard drive was clicking and having some read/access errors, so I luckily backed it up before it died. I replaced it with this new 750GB drive and everything is running smoothly. This is a nice upgrade over the 250GB drive considering its wonderful performance and drive...
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By dawpa2000 - Dec 11, 2007

Barracuda ST3750640AS-RK

Strengths: 5 year warranty, made by seagate, retail box, quite performance, fast 7200rpm, large 750gig worth of space.

Weakness: Creates a lot of heat, the price is high per gig/dollar

I grew tired of have three hard drive in one computer. First of all it created a lot of heat and added noise to my desktop. All other sizes where price better but I wanted to condense my older nosier hard drive into one single hard drive. It made a difference at the end.

By Eversavage - Aug 10, 2007

Best bang for buck

Strengths: Lots of space. Price per gigabyte is very good. Perpendicular recording utilized in it is the latest and the best HD technology. SATA2 = lots of bandwidth. 5 year warranty!

Weakness: Maybe a little too loud and too hot for an HTPC. Seek time is not the best, 16mb buffer is not very effective with this drive. Average performer in general.

Best bang for the buck. It's not extremely fast but it's good enough for most single-user purposes. Sure you can get faster drives but this one has loads of storage and not as expensive as the newer 1TB drives which cost twice as much and offer only 1/3 more space. Very good choice as near-line storage if not your system drive. Should be reliable but the perpendicular recording tech is too new to...
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By zetto - Jun 25, 2007

Large capacity, good performance & price

Strengths: Size, size, speed, price, have I mentioned size?

Weakness: Takes long time to start from off/sleep state.

Excellent performance drive. I currently have 4 drives running in 2 RAID-1 arrays without a hitch. the read speed is excellent as well.

My only negative is that they seem to take sometime to comeback from sleep state (if you use power saving HDD off options).

By Octets - Jun 20, 2007

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