Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST31000340AS 1 TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive

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The Barracuda 7200.11 drive offers the ideal combination of world-class technology and low total cost of ownership. Highly leveraged from award-winning PMR technology, the Barracuda 7200.11 Drive increases capacity per disk without increasing platter or head count. At the same time, it enhances reliability by decreasing internal components and increasing magnetic stability at high areal densities.

Quick Glance

Interface Type: SATA

Internal/External: Internal

Form Factor Width: 3.5"

Drive Type: Hard Drive

normalized-Cache Size: 32

normalized-Capacity: 1000000

normalized-Rotational Speed: 7200


Product Title: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST31000340AS 1 TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive

Manufacturer: Seagate

Lowest Price: $47.00 from

Power Score: 4.1 | 13 Reviews

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Product Reviews (11)

Bad drives, bad customer service

Strengths: Cheap to buy

Weakness: Very high failure rate

I've had 6 out of 8 drives fail in less than 2 years.
The first failure was after 1 month.

Warranty service is spotty. Better to not expect good service than to be disappointed when you don't get it.

By dkohrn - Nov 11, 2009

7200 Seagates High Drive Failure Rates!

Strengths: NONE


high failure rates even on the drives that were supposedly not affected by the acknowledged problems.

why isn't seagate standing behind these drives and providing data recovery?

By anonymous; - May 11, 2009

Failed after one month

Strengths: Fast, inexpensive

Weakness: Poor reliability, these drives are failing at a very high rate

Second failed Seagate drive in 3 months. First one froze out of blue after barely a month of use. I sent it back, got a used (??) one back from Seagate, which didn't last even couple of weeks before it failed same as the first one. From what I can read on the Internet, these drives have a serious design issue, and are bound to fail relatively quickly and without a warning.

By anonymous; - Jan 15, 2009


Strengths: None

Weakness: Dead after a few weeks, Bad customer service.

I had the drive for a couple weeks and the performance was very bad, after a few weeks of use the drive just stop responding. Its a well know issue. SEARCH THE INTERNET ABOUT THIS DRIVE! Their return policy is terrible and customer service is even worse. Its like Seagate is trying to tell me that it is my fault for buying a Seagate drive. They sold me a piece of crap and their reaction almost...
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By tjdehya - Jan 9, 2009

1TB of space... 5 Year warranty... SOLD!!!

Strengths: 5 Year warranty, decent performance, rather low heat, 1TB of space.

Weakness: Energy could be lower (the WD GP's still hold crown for this)... that's about it.

This drive is a great buy for anyone who needs a lot of storage space and want to feel comfortable with the warranty that is provided. EVERYONE who has a drive like this should always be using it in conjunction with some backup system. To store all your data on a big drive like this without any form of backup is just asking for it. I use 6 of these drives in my home for my UnRaid Media Server......
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By mfossa - Oct 8, 2008

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