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Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB Hard Drive

Strengths: Easy Vista 64 bit install. Manually NTFS formatted to 931.5 GB; as it should. No bad sectors. Silent Drive and with reliable performance so far.

Weakness: N/A

Old Maxtor 300 GB PATA Drive data copied over to new Samsung 1 TB SATA drive using Acronis True Image Home Software. Image copy and system transfer was flawless, with Samsung drive taking over, and Windows Vista 64 bit system not missing a beat.

For those considering this drive; the price is right, and if you have never partiioned / formatted a drive, just remember that the drive will not be recoqnized by Windows Vista until you create partion(s) and format the drive.
This can be found in the System and Maintenance section of the control panel.

By Cal; - Oct 18, 2008

Best Drives I have ever used

Strengths: Fast,quiet and cool. Best drive ever by far and I have used hundreds of HD's

Weakness: I don't know of any!

This drive is silent and fast. It runs very, very cool hardly even warm. Currently have 6 installed in one computer and could not be more pleased. Provantage is great and these drives are superb.

By Cardio; - Oct 15, 2008

Great drive, great price.

Strengths: Eek.

Weakness: Argh.

Installed on Vista 64 as well, and thanks to the above reviewer had no problems formatting or transferring my old primary over.

Get 'em while you can, guys. Its a good, quiet drive. And the price is phenomenal.

By Combustible Pigeon; - Nov 21, 2008

Top Drive, Fast Quiet and reliable

Strengths: Speed, Noise and power consumption.

Weakness: Cost more than the EcoGreen drives

I've seen a lot of poor reviews on these drives, but have yet to have one fail. They run much cooler than the equivalent Seagates and much quieter. I've had two for over 12 months and have purchased another three in that time also. A lot of people reported these drives reverting to 32Mb and returned them. Turned out it was a bios embedded sata controller issue.

By anonymous; - Aug 18, 2009


Strengths: Works well, and fast, WHILE IT WORKS AT ALL.

Weakness: I have had two of these drives die on me in a matter of 6 months. The first one died after 4. The second I knew that when I heard it clicking like the last one that it was die soon.

Don't bother buying one of these drives. They will RMA it for you pretty easily while the warranty lasts, but that's about all. After that you are going to be screwed. I will never buy a Samsung hard drive again.

By Anonymous - Jul 25, 2009

Don't Buy It - Quality Control Issues with Samsung!

Strengths: Haven't been able to install it yet, after 2 returns

Weakness: Poor quality assurance from Samsung.

I purchased this drive from ZipZoomFly for $115 in 12/08, but did not install it until 6/09. When I got around to installing it, it failed to format and BIOS did not recognize the drive. Too late to send back to the retailer, I used Samsungs' warranty to get a new drive sent to me after paying for shipping back to Samsung. They sent a new one out and when I went to install it, it was showing only 715GB available instead of once again, it has to be sent back to Samsung for another one....let's hope third time is a charm. As of this writing, I am waiting for the RMA and shipping label to return the 2nd one. I knoticed that the price has now dropped dramatically on this item to $79 with a $10 Samsung mail in rebate. I am not surprised due to the quality control issues that they are having with this product. Save yourself the headaches and buy from a different manufacturer. I have never had any problems with Seagate or WD. One other issue, when I installed it for the first time, it activated my RAID controller on my motherboard and now I cannot turn off the RAID controller in BIOS and I get RAID error messages upon bootup. I may have to reflash my BIOS thanks to this product.

By paulpi - Jun 11, 2009

Fast quick drive while they work

Strengths: Huge space, low price

Weakness: Lasted me only a few months

Drive was a good buy at the time and worked fairly well until it fails. The drive failed slowly causing some issues with my system. After it was removed my system ran faster. I don't think I will buy another Samsung.

By Harv; - Mar 2, 2009

Nice Drive

Strengths: Quiet, easy install

Weakness: None

No problems with Vista 64 install. Lotta bad reviews out there but this drive has no problems so far. I will buy another one just waiting for the price to drop a little

By samsumg 1TB; - Feb 7, 2009

beefy storage

Strengths: lots of space, quick on large file operations

Weakness: not silent

No problems, works as expected. A word of caution though I have seen several other reviews of this drive saying the drives were dying out in a matter of weeks. Either some early quality control issues or some compatibility issues with Nvidia chipset based motherboards.

By anonymous; - Jun 14, 2008

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Samsung Spinpoint F1 - HD103UJ

The Spinpoint F1 line is a line of mid-priced internal hard disk drives from Samsung. The models in the F1 line differ in capacity, buffer memory and drive ready time. Feature-wise, the Spinpoint series is much like Samsungs EcoGreen series of internal hard disk drives, but with a faster drive speed (7200 RPM), and without EcoGreens EcoTriangleTM guarantee of eco-friendly parts. However, the...
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