Samsung 840 PRO Series MZ-7PD256BW 256 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive

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Samsung's SSD 840 PRO Series is capable of delivering up to 540MB/s and 450MB/s of sequential read and write speeds for ultra-fast file transfers—including random speeds of up to 100K IOPS for the fastest real-world performance.

Quick Glance

Internal/External: Internal

Interface Type: SATA

Form Factor Width: 2.5"

Drive Type: Solid State Drive


Product Title: Samsung 840 PRO Series MZ-7PD256BW 256 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive

Manufacturer: Samsung

Lowest Price: $154.99 from B&H Photo-Video

Power Score: 4.6 | 42 Reviews

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Great Product

Works as expected, fast speed installing and opening games, booting Windows 7, snappier response to other programs. 5 times faster than my 7200 rpm WD black hdd, and it can be seen. Considering buying another to make my laptop faster.

By Mike2F on Adorama - Nov 5, 2013

Awesome little Drive

This was my first ever ssd and it's so much faster than Hard Drives. My Computer boots and is ready ten seconds after I press the power button. And its so small and thin that I can fit it in the cable management room behind my motherboard tray.

By RonHGeneral on Adorama - Oct 16, 2013

Still a tad pricey...

While Samsung makes some of the best SSD's on the market, some of their products still remain a tad pricey for the performance and per GB cost. I just picked this drive up yesterday and already its made a marked improvement over my 64gb Samsung 830 SSD. I will continue to support Samsung SSD's so long as they continue to be reliable and speedy, but I really wish they would make some things a...
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By fbcballer on Adorama - Oct 7, 2013

Just the best Hard Drive that is SSD

I have two of this SSD installed on to my old SATA II Foxconn Destroyer. It fast quiet and doesn't get hot it is nice and cool. It is great for with any operating system or storage. The fastest drive that you can have from a SSD.. It have 256 MB cache does have it own drive controller and the best MLC memory based and xpected lifespan is 60 yrs. Updated firmware is a must from Samsung Magician...
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By Wacky7 on Adorama - Sep 29, 2013

Excellent SSD drive

This is an excellent SSD drive. It provides excellent performance for the price. It is definitely faster than other SSD models within the same price range. I am working with photos on my laptop and wanted a SSD drive to help with the performance. Now the biggest performance bottleneck is the processor (i5) and the editing software. I am so happy with this drive. It really speeds up my process of...
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By ChristianPhotog on Adorama - Sep 28, 2013

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