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Two Users - Mixed Review

Strengths: Massive storage capacity, small and compact

Weakness: USB connector seems flimsy, 2 out of 3 drives purchased didn't work

My wife and I each purchased 4GB TravelDrives. Mine worked perfectly out of the box but hers would load the driver and then she would receive a message stating that there was a problem with the device. Her laptop would not display a drive letter for the TravelDrive. We both had Compaq Presario laptops (mine is a 2100, hers is 6000 series) so we tried the TravelDrives in each others laptops and mine worked but not hers. It was obviously defective so we went back to Fry's Electronics and replaced it with another new TravelDrive. However we had the exact same problem, the TravelDrive wouldn't work on either laptop. The Memorex Website had a solution for not displaying drive letters but this didn't work. Other Websites haven't been helpful. Other than this, "MY" only complaint is that the USB connector - which folds into the cube-shaped TravelDrive - seems very flimsy. It's held up so far, though. I'm keeping my TravelDrive because I need lots of portable storage for work but the wife says she will replace hers with something other than a TravelDrive.

By TripleJ - Jan 15, 2006

Great thing to have - compact and lots of storage

Strengths: Compact, capacity, ease of setup

Weakness: lanyard not supplied.

4 gb - what else is required. all my personal data is less than that - sure beats lugging a DVD along everywhere.

the soft case is a nice thing to have, though a belt clip rather than a loop would be preferable.

Setup in less than 1 min. transfer rate is pretty nice (both ways). Smallest one in MHDD in the market these days.

By agbatl - Nov 12, 2005

Memorex 4GB Mega TravelDrive

Strengths: light weight , worth for money

Weakness: none

i use to have a 256mb flash drive now i upgraded to this Memorex 4GB Mega TravelDrive.. Its good light weight and user friendly...worth for money..we can store data even for longer time without any corruption

By mayz7275 - Oct 25, 2005

IMemorex TravelDrives will ruin your day!

Strengths: Storage capacity

Weakness: USB connection breaks off after minimal use; files inexplicably get deleted

I purchased one for my wife & even though she is very careful with her PC gadgets (read paranoid!), the folding USB connector broke with in months of purchase; Memorex Customer Support replaced it (kudos to them I thought!), but the replacement suffered from the same problem & also began randomly deleting files as she watched! Memorex refused to replace the second one without a receipt (even after I explained they didn't send me one with the replacement). So, Memeorex flash drives suck & their product support sucks! I'll never purchase another Memorex product & neither should you!

By LDMA - Mar 30, 2007

Cool tiny drive!

Strengths: Small & portable, ample 4gb storage, easy to use and handle.

Weakness: none at this time

This portable USB storeage drive by Memorex is so cool, as it is tiny and discreet, and has a 4gb memory. This item is also a bit cheaper than many other 4gb drives. I really like that you do not need a cap for this item, as the usb portion flips in and out of its case. This item also comes with a cool carrying case to keep it protected. Easy to hook up to your USB port on your computer and transfers data quickly at USB 2.0 high speed.

By studentadvocate - Dec 20, 2005

Great thing to have - compact and lots of storage (Could be)

Strengths: Would be great if it worked

Weakness: It didn't work

DOA right out of the blister pack Not a good sign. I just bought it Sunday afternoon. I will return it to fry's and get another one, funny - I was wondering why Fry's had so many on the shelf and almost all the other brands were sold out. Seems like everyone else got the e-mail but me.

By cbacani - Dec 11, 2005