Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 80 GB 3.5" Hard Drive - 1 Pack


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The DiamondMax Plus 9 hard disk drive is designed to exceed previous standards for desktop performance. DiamondMax Plus 9 drives are offered with industry standard capacity points up to 160GB. By delivering a performance hard drive using a highly leveraged design with state-of-the-art quality and reliability, Maxtor demonstrates technology leadership with DiamondMax Plus 9 drives.

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Interface Type: IDE

Internal/External: Internal

Form Factor Width: 3.5"

Drive Type: Hard Drive

normalized-Cache Size: 8

normalized-Capacity: 80000

normalized-Rotational Speed: 7200


Product Title: Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 80 GB 3.5" Hard Drive - 1 Pack

Manufacturer: Maxtor

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Power Score: 3.9 | 7 Reviews

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I bought two of these drives to...

Strengths: Fast. Reliable.

Weakness: More sensative to other computer problems than other brands.

I bought two of these drives to start with. Got one replaced because the Maxtor utilities indicated the drive was shot (which probably wasn’t true as I later decided). I was ready to exchange the second Maxtor 80MB drive as I did with the first drive after detailed testing. However, at the same time, I had other problems with the CD and DVD drives. Once these were fixed, the Maxtors worked...
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By asmith9779 - May 28, 2005

I bought 2 of this 8mb buffer...

Strengths: Speed.

Weakness: Dead fast.

I bought 2 of this 8mb buffer ATA133 hard drive. I tested it with "hdparm" under linux. It is substantially faster than the 2mb buffer hard version. However, one died a couple of months later; the other died 13 months later, whereas the warranty is only one year. In contrast, my Maxtor 80gb 2mb version hard drive still works fine (more than two years), though slower than the 8mb version drives. I...
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By hfang - Sep 24, 2004

Pure garbage. I bought four of...

Strengths: only ata-133 brand

Weakness: Worthless quality

Pure garbage. I bought four of these and put in a striped & mirrored RAID configuration. Each stripeset has bad sectors so the mirror had to be broken. So at least 2 of the 4 drives are bad. I had same problem years ago w/ a couple other of their drives. Exchanging these for Western Digitals.

By watneys - Dec 10, 2003

Maxtor was first to develop these...

Strengths: S P E E D !!!

Weakness: N O N E !!!

Maxtor was first to develop these high speed drives offering them for sale some 3 years back. Using the necessary 133 Promice PCI card as motherboards at that time did not provide 133 DMA support they made dramatic time cuts to lengthy program runs and were extremely reliable having never failed in any way under heavy continuous use. I will continue to use Maxtor drives as they are still the...
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By AlexanderAkulick - Oct 19, 2003

I bought 2 of these drives and...

Strengths: speed, stability, bundled software

Weakness: noise

I bought 2 of these drives and built a RAID-0 array with them. The MaxPlus 3 bundled software did a perfect job of mirroring my boot drive to my new 160Gb array, and their performance so far has been most impressive. They're a bit louder whenm accessing data than the 40Gb DiamondMax 8 drive that they replaced, but their speed more than makes up for it. In fact, SiSoft Sandra software rates their...
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By rjandrews - Sep 4, 2003

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