LaCie Big Disk 500 GB External Hard Drive

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The LaCie Big Disk features a stylish, metallic design crafted from a sturdy aluminum alloy that dissipates heat, allowing for operation without a noisy fan. A drive stand provides stability and allows for upright desktop use to save valuable desk space, while an optional rack-mounting kit enables versatile configuration in standard 19-inch racks. This drive's convenient, automatic on/off feature conserves energy and prolongs the life of the drive. Stackable to allow for a uniform look, the LaCie Big Disk in the d2 design is also compatible with Kensington-type locks for added security, at home or away.

Quick Glance

Interface Type: FireWire/i.LINK 400, FireWire/i.LINK 800, USB 2.0

Internal/External: External

Drive Type: Hard Drive

normalized-Rotational Speed: 7200

normalized-Cache Size: 8

normalized-Capacity: 500000


Product Title: LaCie Big Disk 500 GB External Hard Drive

Manufacturer: LaCie

Power Score: 1.9 | 15 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10)

Lacie Disk Failure

Strengths: None

Weakness: Faulty PSU

The Lacie Big Triple 500GB external drive was purchased three years ago to offer more storage and become my Media Drive, replacing smaller Maxtor drives (five years old). I used Backup software and TimeMachine to keep current backups of the iMac internal and Lacie Media Drive... Fortunately!!! The Lacie started clicking, and after some research, and no customer support offered by Lacie, I found...
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By woutervan - Jun 5, 2009

Big Disks = Big Trouble

Strengths: Triple Interface

Weakness: Drive failure Raid 0 means you will lose everything

This isn't an "I hate Lacie" I have 6 of their Porsche Design drives that have operated flawlessly BUT everyone of the 3 Big Disks I have had has failed - 2 out of warranty. They look good, operate quitely & the Triple-interface is a great feature - Just don't expect to get more than a couple of years from them & back-up your backups!

By Stickyweb - Mar 11, 2008

Big Pile of Junk

Strengths: large capacity

Weakness: drives simply won't be recognized on some machines. Self destructs after only a few months. 2x250GB disks in RAID 0 config.

Bought two of these things. Neither would be recognized on our Dell server (in either USB or Firewire modes) but worked fine on other PCs (for a while at least). However, three months in and one of the drives has developed a 'click of death' and refuses to work on any PC anymore. I have to say, I'm very disappointed with these drives. Even worse is Lacie support which is pretty non-existent....
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By dale303 - Sep 19, 2006

Another Drive Failure

Strengths: Great storage capacity with good speed

Weakness: Terrible reliability

My drive also failed, two weeks after the end of the warranty. These drives are failure-prone, and Lacie tech support is useless. Ther are not too many options for external firewire disks.

By lmenzin - Nov 26, 2005

Another failed LaCie

Strengths: Big

Weakness: Not reliable

I've been screwing around for a week or so with a LaCie 500 that is apparently toast. I kept having trouble copying files to it several weeks ago and thought the problem was the computer the of the files were coming from (that the incoming files were bad) until I stared copying from another source and those files wouldn't copy either. Started doing a variery of diagnostic tests on the drive today...
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By michelestapleton - Nov 16, 2005

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