Hitachi Travelstar HTS726060M9AT00 60 GB 2.5" Internal Hard Drive

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Designed with combined technology including; Antiferromagnetically-coupled technology, Fluid Dynamic Bearing motor technology, Giant Magnetoresistive heads, load/unload head technology, Enhanced Adaptive Battery Life ExtenderTM 3.0 and an ATA/100 interface provides for a cutting-edge design. The Travelstar 7K60 pushes performance, capacity, power management, and exceptional quietness to provide a quality, high-performance mobile hard disk drive for today's demanding notebook and beyond systems.

Quick Glance

Interface Type: IDE

Internal/External: Internal

Form Factor Width: 2.5"

Drive Type: Hard Drive

normalized-Cache Size: 8

normalized-Capacity: 60000

normalized-Rotational Speed: 7200


Product Title: Hitachi Travelstar HTS726060M9AT00 60 GB 2.5" Internal Hard Drive

Manufacturer: Hitachi

Lowest Price: $95.00 from DreamHardware

Power Score: 3.4 | 20 Reviews

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Strengths: Quiet, good speed

Weakness: Premature death

Died after 18 months of modest, but daily service. No indication of problem before it quit. Otherwise, it worked well and was a big improvement in capacity over the original 20GB drive. Used in Compaq Evo N1015v laptop.

By smaglikn - Apr 30, 2006

Drive failed after 6 mos....

Strengths: Speedy, compatible, quiet

Weakness: drive failed after 6 mos...

Now, this might be the exception...I've had several systems w/ Travelstar drives, with a failure on only 1 other...Hitachi does do a decent turnaround on replacement, and w/a 3-year warranty, I can't complain. However, frequent backups will save you much's certainly saved me! Given my experience w/other travelstars, and Hitachi's excellent turnaround/service, I'll give this a...
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By anonymous; - Sep 2, 2005

I was fortunate enough to find...

Strengths: Seat of the pants faster, quieter and I have not noticed any additional heat.

Weakness: none.

I was fortunate enough to find this hard drive from Newegg after searching numerous vendors for a reasonable price. First off, it is amazingly easy to switch hard drives on laptops. Usually it is one screw to the remove the "caddy" and four additional screws mounting the hard drive to the caddy. After the easy swap, you will recognize a significant speed increase in regards to startup and daily...
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By NanPalmero - Jun 29, 2005

I am pleased with the overall...

Strengths: Has decreased my boot up time by half. Much quiter than expected. Applications run much faster and more smoothly.

Weakness: It has reduced my battery life some. My HP zt3000 was getting four and a half hours with my old 4200rpm drive and now it gets about three and a half. Maybe I can tweak it a bit?

I am pleased with the overall performance of the drive and would recommend this to anyone who wants desktop speeds from their laptop. All the applications that I have tested run much more smoothly than before. AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Maya, and Revit are the programs that I use most and they don't suffer from the annoying hard drive hiccups that plagued them before. There is nothing worse than trying to...
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By terankmitch - Apr 1, 2005

My old drive from my Dell died so...

Strengths: Fast & Quiet

Weakness: None so far

My old drive from my Dell died so I decided to upgrade while I was replacing it. Went from 30G 4200RPM, to this one and I love it. I thought it might be noisier or hotter but it's not. It's super quiet and blasts through files like it's its job.

By brickfungus - Mar 23, 2005

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