Compaq 176496-B22 36.4GB hard drive


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36.4GB, 10,000 rpm, Ultra3 SCSI (Ultra 160/m) 3.5 1 internal hot-pluggable hard drive for select Compaq Proliant servers Hot-Pluggable for removal and installation of drives without powering down the system Compaq Ultra3 Universal disk drives provide an unequaled level of investment protection and simplification for our customers. With Ultra3 Universal compatibility across the enterprise, users are free to deploy and re-deploy these drives anywhere storage capacity is needed. Because Wide Ultra2 and Wide Ultra3 both operate on the Low Voltage Differential (LVD) electrical platform, the two protocols are completely data compatible, which allows the two to be mixed and matched with one another. Mix and match means all LVD controllers and drives will work together to create one of the industry’s strongest investment protection stories ever told. Compatible with Hot-Pluggable ProLiant Wide-Ultra SCSI systems Backward compatible to Hot-Pluggable ProLiant Fast-Wide SCSI systems S.M.A.R.T. system compliant Compaq certified for reliability, compatibility and interoperability Capacity - Drive: 36.4GB Compression: (Native/Uncompressed) Data Storage Device Type: SAS (Server Attached Storage) device Hard Drive Device Type: Internal hard drive Data Transfer Rate: 160MB Data Transfer Rate (Compression): (Native/Uncompressed) Form Factor (Drive): 3.5-inch Form Factor Additional Info: 1 Interface: Ultra3 SCSI (Ultra 160/m) Rotational Speed: 10,000 rpm Warranty Terms: Three year limited


Product Title: Compaq 176496-B22 36.4GB hard drive

Manufacturer: Compaq

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