ClickFree C6 Portable External 2 TB 3.5 Hard Drive


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The C6 Easy Imaging total computer backup protects everything on your computer including your personal files, photos, software programs and Windows operating system - Just Plug it In! Includes EASY Run, EASY Viewer, EASY Music, EASY Organizer, EASY Restore, EASY Archive, and more.


Product Title: ClickFree C6 Portable External 2 TB 3.5 Hard Drive

Manufacturer: ClickFree

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Power Score: 1.0 | 1 Review

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Clickfree c6 not working as advertised

Strengths: quiet

Weakness: doesn't plug and play, crashes, doesn't backup external drive

This product is advertised as plug in and it does it's backup automatically. This is not the case. I had to open the exe file to get it to run and then it crashed after backing up 1% of my files. I tried many trouble shooting proceedures like rebooting my computer, reinstalling the clickfree, trying different usb ports including both 2.0 and 3.0 ports that I knew worked etc. to no avail. I...
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By greg9999 - Mar 15, 2012

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