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The Cintiq 21UX Graphics Tablet provides the best-of-class pen experience for working directly on the screen. It combines the advantages of a large-format LCD monitor with the control, comfort, and productivity of Wacom's most sophisticated patented cordless, battery-free pen technology.

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Product Type: Graphics Tablet

System Type: PC, Mac

Input Resolution: 5080 lpi

Pressure Levels: 1024 Pen Level

Weight: 299.2


Product Title: Wacom CINTIQ21UX Graphics Tablet

Manufacturer: Wacom

Lowest Price: $1,949.00 from Buydig.com

Power Score: 4.2 | 8 Reviews

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Product Reviews (8)

Its a beautiful, beautiful thing...

Strengths: Real time drawing, nice big screen to draw on, pen handles well and picks up more subtly than with a tablet.

Weakness: Cost, it costs more than most computers do which is sad.

As far as drawing digitally goes, this is by far the best thing out there. When compared to the 6x8 wacom tablet, I draw more comfortably and closer to how I draw on paper. I'm able to draw tighter and get more detail and line variety.

I still find myself thumbnailing better on paper, but for clean-ups the Cintiq is amazing.

By redundancychecker - Nov 12, 2009

pass unless you really need

Strengths: efficient, decent

Weakness: customer service not great. policy allows up to 13 dead subpixels to all buyers!

C'mon, most peeps that buy this are artists, designers, animators etc. How would you like to get this out of the box, have 13 bright white, blue or green pixels on your screen, and just live with that

By designer/tech geek period; - Oct 11, 2009

alright tablet screen, customer service and policy is not good

Strengths: Good for animators, some artists

Weakness: Customer service and up to 13 dead pixel pass policy? I got a few dead pixels out of the box, one VERY bright one on a black, blue, and red screen, and they ain't even budging. Ridiculous.

Customer service and up to 13 dead pixel pass policy? I got a few dead pixels out of the box, one VERY bright one on a black, blue, and red screen, and they ain't even budging. Ridiculous. Intuos 4 is good for a lot of stuff. Otherwise, I say wait for 2010, let them get rid of this stock. Which is what they're obviously trying to do after the economy crashed. I only bought b/c it was really...
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By anonymous; - Oct 11, 2009


Absolutely brilliant. I am using the display under MacOSX. Setting it up was a breeze - plug it in and install the drivers. For painting and drawing it is fantastic; the texture of the screen has a good textural resistance to it. Some minor problems, however: the provided mount for the display does not go entirely vertical or horizontal. For drawing this is not important, but it would be nice to...
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By steve_massey - Nov 23, 2006

Awesome tool

Strengths: The biggest strength is being able to draw right on this in real time. Also it is great that you can remove it from the stand and lay it in your lap to draw comfortably.

Weakness: The only weakness that i have found is the price and the angle at which the stand lays on the desk - you cant get it to stand 90degrees

As posted in the weakness column they should change this stand a little so you can tilt this all the way up to 90 degrees so you can use it as a regular monitor. My chair sits a little below the desk so i have to look up to this monitor a little so i am viewing it at an angle - which is a little annoying. But everything else i am extremely pleased about. No lag while drawing like most of the...
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By turboaro - Oct 8, 2006

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