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The DLT Tape Array II Model 3570-4 provides a high-capacity, high-performance backup solution for Novell networks. It contains housing for four Compaq 35/70GB DLT drives, giving you up to 280GB of fault tolerant (RAID 0 and 5) storage in a single unit. You can connect two arrays to your network to reach a capacity of 560GB. It can achieve transfer rates of up to 100GB per hour using Computer Associates’ Jetserve software and Windows NT. The DLT Tape Array II also supports Computer Associates’ ARCserve 6 for NT and NetWare, as well as software from Seagate and Legato. It is compatible with Compaq’s 15/30GB, 20/40GB, and 35/70GB DLT drives.


Manufacturer: HP (Hewlett-Packard)

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