Reviews for TopRam SDHC USB 2.0 Flash Card Reader/Writer

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TOPRAM USB 2.0 SDHC reader

Strengths: Low-cost, functional, small and compact making easier to carry around.

Weakness: Not found one.

This is a great product for SDHC card users. Reader is small as a flash drive and is very easy to use. Just simply attach the card and plug into the USB port. Very recommended product.

By jnawazr - Aug 6, 2008

USB 2.0 SDHC Card Reader from TOPRAM

Strengths: Sturdy, easy to use, compact, lightweight, simple and effective.

Weakness: Seems flimsy at first, but isn't. Wider than expected. Card slot on the side is strange and could be a problem for tight spots (nothing an extension cord wouldn't fix though).

Very nice product. No problems interfacing with WinXP and Linux (Ubuntu Hardy). I'd buy it again if I were in the same situation. Great price, great product. Now I can transfer files to and from my Palm with ease as well as some cameras. Cap on the top is nice too, and the green LED is bright enough to see, but dim enough that it doesn't light up the whole room like some LEDs.

By Senkyoka - May 27, 2008