SanDisk 6-in-1 PC Card Adapter


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With SanDisk PC Card Adapters, turn any SD, MultiMediaCard, SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card, Memory Stick and Memory Stick PRO card into a PC Card. Simply insert the card into the adapter and it becomes a plug and play memory card, compatible with any device with a PC Card slot.


Product Title: SanDisk 6-in-1 PC Card Adapter

Manufacturer: SanDisk

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Power Score: 3.5 | 11 Reviews

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6-in-1 flash card reader

Strengths: can be stored in laptop

Weakness: slow

I've only used this reader with memory stick cards and SD cards. It works fine with either. They both slide into the reader until flush, so the reader has to be ejected to remove the cards. The only downside to this reader is that it is slower than a USB reader. I've got a Sandisk 8-in-1 reader that transfered photos 4 times faster from the SD card and 6 times faster from the memory stick card.

By a.guenin_1091717075 - Aug 5, 2006

SanDisk 6 in 1 PC card

Strengths: excellent transfer rates, easy to use

Weakness: will not support SanDisk Ultra II SD card

This usefully since it supports 6 types of card however, it will not work with SanDisk Ultra II SD card, the card will corrupt files and makes them unreadable. But for any other card is fine

By hairyjungle - Feb 21, 2006

6-in1 Sandisk PC Card Memory Adapter

Strengths: It does what I wanted. It workd with a variety of manufacturer SD cards in sizes up to 1GB

Weakness: The first attempt to seat an SD card was a little difficult. but, I must be used to it now. I can slide them right in without having to think about it now. High price is a slight drawback too.

I wanted to expand the disk capacity of an older laptop. I didn't want to buy a larger replacement hard drive. Adding this to the PC Card slot allows me to add removable storage to load up programs and supporting data.

By Mike, Oh - Feb 18, 2006

sandisk 6-in-1 adapter

Strengths: 6-in-1, plug and play

Weakness: -

As mentioned in the comments, the device works perfectly with cards >512MB and with ultra II cards. I have both a 1GB duo pro card and a 1GB ultra II card and both work fine.

By anonymous; - Feb 5, 2006

Nice Design - No Dongle

Strengths: Fits inside the PC slot when not in use. Compatible with the SanDisk Extreme 1GB SD-Card. No drivers or setup required.

Weakness: Does not accent Compact Flash (CF) cards, but I have a different PC adapter for those.

I was using a USB "dongle" style SD-card reader and I hated having to carry it around. I already had a PC card that accepts a CF-card, so I started looking for one to use with my SanDisk Extreme 1GB and SanDisk Ultra 512MB SD-cards. Setting this up involved on step - putting it into the slot. My IBM Thinkpad T40 recognized it as a removable drive and I was immediately able to read and write...
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By randreed - Dec 8, 2005

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