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Firewall & Security Devices - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

1 Star Review Removes Software Hassles, Introduces Hardware Hassles


made71 - (August 07, 2006) The claim to fame for this product is, that it solves the nightmare of installing multiple security applications and to make your life easier. The truth is, that the product just isn't ready to be shipped, and worse, it's definitely not ready for the average Joe to install and use. I ordered multiple units of this product, as I frequently install networking equipment, these were supposed to solve issues with some of my small business customers, that just have a hard time with protection software. This being said, I know how quite well how to configure all kinds of equipment. This one though left me clueless, and that in a really simple network environment. Once installed the devi

4 Star Review A good product.


Reviewer234 - (December 03, 2006) I have been using this device for almost a year to connect my two computers to the Internet. Setup is effortless and the settings interface is relatively simple for the beginner. I can leave it "on" for a month and never drop a connection, with no glitches in download speed. It actually improved my cable modem's signal levels and speeded the throughput on my laptop. After removing the lid, I found that the main chip and all other electronics are virtually cool to the touch (chip is only 10 degrees F above ambient when measured with a digital thermometer). The log file is easy to read and blocks six outside port scans a minute with no problems. . I have, however, found three minor flaws. 1)

1 Star Review Find something else


Anonymous - (November 16, 2005) Even with their latest firmware, this device is completely unacceptable. 1. NAT is unreliable. Connections get broken and the log says "Did not pass 3 way handshake". 2. DHCP serves out duplicate IP addresses. 3. Could not get VPN to work even using their wizards and following the manual exactly. 4. Documentation is terrible. Only describes how to use the wizard and does not describe how to use more advanced features. 5. Runs VERY hot. 6. Crashes and restarts randomly. 7. They want me to pay for customer support which will only tell me to wait until they fix it and release new firmware. After only a couple of days my network was so unstable I had to put my old cheapo Dlink back

Latest Reviews

2 Star Review Not the full firewall - Only the backup unit

Anonymous - (04/18/2013) Please note that this is not the fully functional firewall unit. The "High Availability" description (01-SSC-9732) actually means that this unit piggy-backs onto the more expensive NSA 220 unit (01-SSC-9750) and provides a backup and higher availability for traffic flowing through it.It was only after talking with a Dell rep after purchase that I learned that this less expensive model (note the different part numbers) is not licensed to do the features described in the description unless it is paired with a fully licensed NSA 220. It is not fully operational as a stand-alone firewall.Hopefully this will save someone else the hassle of having to return the unit after making this unpleasant discovery after purchase.

4 Star Review Perfect Router for an SMB

Anonymous - (09/07/2012) The router is just what the doctor ordered to help me fend off on-going port scanning from Chinese hackers looking to steal my company's intellectual property. It will also help us to avoid hitting malicious sites with the addition of a subscription service that leverages Trend Micro's technology.I've added a 16 port gigabit switch and will be expanding with a wireless access point.

1 Star Review Do not waste your time, this quad does not even measure up to their dual

wheminghou - (05/31/2012) I have several Netgear dual WAN routers in production currently and believe me when I tell you I am using their full functionality. The traffic is just getting to much for them to handle, so I thought this quad WAN would be the obvious way forward. The problem is, I do a lot of 1:1 NAT from two WANs to a single LAN both inbound and outbound. Works perfectly fine on the older duals, does not work on the quad. Sometimes one side will work inbound and outbound, sometimes both inbounds will work and only one outbound... It is extremely unstable and unsuitable for a production environment

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