WatchGuard Firebox Edge X5 VPN/Firewall

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This easy-to-deploy, model-upgradeable, VPN endpoint and firewall security appliance was especially designed for telecommuters with limited networking experience, and offers best-in-class performance, work/home network separation, and intuitive remote management for network administrators in the central office. Firebox X5 is the all-in-one firewall/VPN appliance that will handle all of your telecommuters security needs now and in the future. Small- to mid-sized businesses already protecting their central office networks with Firebox X5, can now extend that commercial-grade security to their remote and telecommuting employees with Firebox X5.

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Product Type: Network Security/Firewall Appliance


Product Title: WatchGuard Firebox Edge X5 VPN/Firewall

Manufacturer: WatchGuard

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