ThermalTake BlacX N0028USU Docking Station

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1 x 3.5 - 1/3H Hot-swappable - External


Product Title: ThermalTake BlacX N0028USU Docking Station

Manufacturer: ThermalTake

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Power Score: 4.5 | 9 Reviews

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Thermaltake enclosure

Strengths: Versatility, build, design

Weakness: SATA only

This is a unique and versatile enclosure for SATA hard drives (both laptop and desktop sizes) that is very useful for system builders and tinkerers that need to format/move around hard drives quite a bit. it is very convenient to plug in and use the drives. literally plug and play. works like a champ.

By deshwasi - Jul 8, 2008

Easy to use dock

Strengths: Quick easy installation and removal of hard drive

Weakness: No eSATA

This sure beats using external connector cables that you can buy. Having everything neatly setup is great. You don't have to worry about removing the connector cable and the power cables like the other ways of connecting. The nice thing is you don't have to keep buying external cases as well. Make sure you use the remove hardware option in Windows to be safe. I haven't tried this out on a 1TB...
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By WolverineX - May 12, 2008

Great Product

Strengths: Ease to use

Weakness: None

This is a great product, nice looking, sturdy, and very easy to operate. If it were IDE compatible it would be perfect. The box is bottom heavy (purposely weighed down?) so that with the HD on the top it is still very stable. If one needs to hot swap SATA HD's a lot this is definitely the product to have.

By takto - Apr 26, 2008

Works Great!

Strengths: I have both an Laptop and a Desktop. Both have SATA drives. Don't have to have to separate enclosures for both SATA 3.5" + 2.5" Drives. No TOOL Necessary. Just Slide the drive in like it was a floppy.

Weakness: Its slow, but I only noticed the speed issue when I'm moving 5GB+ plus to it. Don't run any application on it that require a super fast drive. I wish there was a cover for it for when it not in use.

I took it out the box. Slid the drive in. Turned it on and it work. Didn't have to read any manuals or find my screwdriver. My drive fits like a glove and it holds your drive in the dock to keep it from moving around. This is perfect for because I have laptop and desktop drives that I can use with this. Also I can my keep hard drive out of my hot desktop in the summertime when my apartment is...
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By damonamodel - Apr 17, 2008

Wonderful Lifesaving Device!

Strengths: Easy To Use & Hot Swappable! Includes all cables. Very handy release button and very affordable way to manage multiple HDs!

Weakness: No eSATA or Firewire.

I do tech work at home and on the go...At home I run a dual booted Windows Vista 64-bit Ultimate and Windows XP Pro machine and have 10-15 HDs on hand at any point and am constantly adding & removing them to and from my various enclosures or finding various cables to connect them. It's messy and a monumental pain. Respectively, on the go, I use an Apricorn HD Adapter which is great for temporary...
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By skubidu - Apr 12, 2008

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