Apple Power Mac G5 Desktop Computer - PowerPC G5 2 GHz - Tower

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The Power Mac G5 is the world's fastest and first personal computer with a 64-bit processor. Powered by up to two PowerPC G5 processor at speed of 2GHz, a new ultrahigh-bandwidth system architecture, AGP 8X Pro graphics and room for up to 8 gigabytes of main memory, the Power Mac G5 is a breakthrough in desktop processing power.

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Chassis Style: Tower

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.3 Panther

Included Drives: DVD-Writer DVD-R

Included Devices: Keyboard, Mouse

Video Chipset: Radeon 9600 Pro

Processor Class: PowerPC G5

Green Compliance: Yes

normalized-Installed Memory: 512

normalized-Processor Speed: 2000

normalized-Hard Drive Capacity: 160000


Product Title: Apple Power Mac G5 Desktop Computer - PowerPC G5 2 GHz - Tower

Manufacturer: Apple

Power Score: 5 | 5 Reviews

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Great machine

Strengths: Fast, elegant, well thought out computer

Weakness: heavy to carry

The powermac g5 is my 5th mac I have had, and is by far the best. At first I had some issues with the hard drive making clicking noises, but that was when I had the stock 256mb ram. Now I have 2.25GB ram, and the speed is terrific, and it is extremely quiet. My external hard drives make much more noise than the PM, and the PM has 8 more fans! The thing is a monster though, and you could pretty...
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By anonymous; - Oct 18, 2005

I've always owned Macs, and...

Strengths: Fast! Beautiful! Quiet!

Weakness: Big and heavy - but that's not so important

I've always owned Macs, and finally upgraded from my old G4 to this. The speed difference is wonderful! I can now render in Shake at 180 percent of the CPU and still surf the web with little to no noticable slowdown! That's a huge jump from what I was having to put up with before (spinning beachball hell). This machine also runs almost silent, except for the occasional rev up of the fans when...
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By jmajer - Mar 9, 2005

I an a Photoshop user and a...

Strengths: Iv'e owned 2G%s for a while now and Iv'e only scene 1 crash on 1 machine and never on the other. It's the fastest computer in the world

Weakness: It's too big to put on the desk so I keep them on the floor on wheels care of DR BOTT

I an a Photoshop user and a digital printer. I can print to 4 printers at the same time with no loss of speed . My main machine has 4.5 GBs ram . I can run 2 editions of Photoshop at the same time and print and get my e-mail without noticeing any slow down. I have a 2.8 GB Dell and the G5s are double the speed.

By michaelkaycar - Sep 2, 2004

The Power Macintosh G5 is an...

Strengths: wicked fast, rock-solid stability, beautiful case design, incredibly quiet during normal use, easily upgradeable, standard cd/dvd burner, supports ridiculous amounts of RAM

Weakness: included RAM takes two slots, opaque coating on clear inner door tab can get scratched off

The Power Macintosh G5 is an awesome machine. I upgraded from a 266MHz Power Mac G3 at home and a 1.7GHz Dell at work, so it should be no surprise that this machine absolutely destroys both of them. Furthermore, the G5 has an incredible price/performance ratio. When my boss was deciding what computer to get me, we also looked at some Intel-based machines. The top-of-the-line Dell was slower than...
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By theOtter - Apr 23, 2004

I've always been a Macintosh user...

Strengths: Processor speed, Panther OS system, Overall Product Design

Weakness: Cannot boot Mac OS 9.x

I've always been a Macintosh user and Apple has definitely topped themselves with this machine. No problems with it so far. It's fast, yet reliable and it looks like a million bucks, as well! I'm the envy of my friends with this bad boy!

By hunger - Jan 16, 2004

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