Intel Xeon Quad-Core X3210 2.13GHz Processor


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Intel's newest quad-core Intel Xeon processor 3200 series for servers delivers new levels of energy-efficient performance. The quad-core Intel Xeon processor 3200 series is based on Intel Core microarchitecture and delivers industry leading performance over previous generations of Intel processors. This state-of-the-art, multi-core optimized microarchitecture delivers a number of new and innovative features that are setting new standards for energy-efficient performance.

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Processor Class: Intel Xeon

Processor Socket: Intel Socket T LGA-775

Number of Processor Cores: Quad-core (4 Core)

normalized-Processor Speed: 2130


Product Title: Intel Xeon Quad-Core X3210 2.13GHz Processor

Manufacturer: Intel

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Power Score: 5 | 2 Reviews

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Xeon X3210

Strengths: Overclock to 3.2GHZ, 2X4MB cache, quad core,thermal spec of 85C, economic quad core

Weakness: stock heatsink

G0 stepping, runs cooler, higher binned server class chip that will run in most Core 2 Duo socket 775 motherboards. The processor has a 8x multiplier compared to the 9x of Q6600 but is a more economical quad core. Overclock to 3.2GHZ without a problem. If you plan serious overclock get a better heatsink.

By stockshowgypsy - Nov 18, 2007

X3210 Quad

Strengths: Lower power consumption and higher temperature threshold than B3 revision, great overclocker

Weakness: none

This is a great chip that overclocks well. Got my "G0" from 2.13ghz to 3.4ghz Prime stable with TRUE heatsink. Compared to the previous revision B3, this X3210 G0 consumes slightly less power at stock and has a higher temperature threshold (85c vs 62c). Also when compared to the Q6600 "G0" (85c vs 71c). Overall great chip.

By tealong - Sep 28, 2007

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