Intel Core i7-920 2.66GHz Processor

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With faster, intelligent multi-core technology that automatically applies processing power where it's needed most, new Intel Core i7 processors deliver an incredible breakthrough in PC performance. They're the best desktop processors on the planet.

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Processor Class: Intel Core i7

Processor Socket: Intel Socket B LGA-1366

Number of Processor Cores: Quad-core (4 Core)


Product Title: Intel Core i7-920 2.66GHz Processor

Manufacturer: Intel

Lowest Price: $181.05 from

Power Score: 4.7 | 10 Reviews

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very good

Strengths: very good memory bandwidth

Weakness: none

I was suprised that it has so high memory bandwidth. I put standart ddr3 1600 memory and got 28GB/sec. I was suprised! At the same time, before I had AMD cpu. The best AMD CPU (6core phenon) has only 14GB/s, but costs almost the same. Here, Intel really outperformed AMD (at the same price level!). I recommend i7-920.

By arturp - Jun 2, 2010

Core i7-920 Quad Core Processor (2.66GHz, 4x256kB, 4.8GT/s QPI, LGA 1336 Socket B)

Strengths: Strong, fast, easily overclockable within reason with stock fan (1 Ghz with 5-10 temp rise)

Weakness: None

I didn't want to pay the premium for the latest i7 core, so this one is a bargain. Easily souped up to satisfy most people. Even stock speed is fast. I am not a gamer! I overclocked because I could.

By stedon1 - Aug 3, 2009

Absolutely the smartest CPU to buy for i7

Strengths: Great price; overclockability

Weakness: None

Has provided a wonderfully fast experience with the Asus P6T Deluxe at its default speeds; looking forward to overclocking (which all websites report to be very easy) right on up to 4GHz on air. There's no easy way to justify spending more on a 940 or 965XE when this one overclocks so easily.

By Mason Storm - Dec 24, 2008

Simply, Amazing!

Strengths: performance is top notch, do more in less time. Intel made one hell of a cpu with plenty of power!

Weakness: none

I just built a new pc with a Asus P6T Deluxe, 6 gig corsair ram 1333, ati 4870, corsair 750 psu. lil bit expensive to build a good machine but it is totally worth it. No Regrets.

By excelx - Dec 20, 2008

Intel Core i7 920, 940 and 965 Extreme Edition review

Today marks the release of Intel's latest and greatest processor architecture to date. Meet the new Core i7 920, 940 and 965 Extreme Edition processors based on the debuting Nehalem architecture.
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