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This processor is powerful. And if...

Strengths: Price versus computing power. Hyperthreading is great. 1 MB of L2 cache really shows up with some of my more intensive applications.

Weakness: This CPU runs hot—really hot.

This processor is powerful. And if you want to save on household utility bills, you can heat at least one room with it. I’m not joking at all here—it runs that hot.

I recommend this processor, only if you are willing to go the extra steps to ensure better CPU cooling.

This CPU’s normal operating temperature was near 60-62°C in a PC with: a 4-fan Aluminum Coolermaster Praetorian case, all round system cables, wrapped, and stowed for maximum “wind tunnel” system airflow; no system load; a video card that runs cool; HDDs that run very cool; no overclocking; and on a cool Spring day (60°F ambient room temperature). This was with the stock Intel heat sink and fan.

I have my own torture “circuit course” I use to: break in new processors; find out what temperatures they run at, and see how they perform under immense loads. My torture test runs all of the following simultaneously:
-Prime 95’s Torture Test (a very math intensive prime number calculator).
-Windows Media Player, playing Internet radio, while displaying a complex animation.
-Run one command prompt for each hard drive partition on my system. Each command prompt continuously loops through the command: “Dir /S X: > X:output.txt” on each hard drive partition, forcing all hard drives to constantly seek, read, and write.
-Play Internet Spades or Reversi to see how the system responds to user input under this load.

The good news is that the Prescott 3.0E GHz handles all of this madness at once, with flying colors. It lagged a little with all the torturous HDD activity, but I could actually keep up with the online card game without people leaving because I was “the weakest link.” All the while, I’m jamming to Internet music. The lag was expected, because any processor will lag during this type of torture. What’s important to note, is how much of a lag it is. Prescott performed so well, that my music never stopped or skipped, and that only my mouse responsiveness suffered a couple of times—hardly a problem. (This was with Hyperthreading enabled.) The bad news is that the core CPU temperature measured a whopping 72°C with this torture testing. This CPU’s safety range ends at 80°C.

I called Intel back then (this was 3 months ago), because I was very concerned about temperature problems, especially during the hotter and more humid summer months (no central AC here). Intel told me not to worry; and said if the system wasn't slowing or showing noticeable signs of instability, that all was well. They also said that some motherboard sensors don’t correctly report Prescott’s CPU temperature. Okay Intel, whatever. (When I can practically blow dry my hair with my case fan, I think the temperature sensor is accurate.) It's a good thing I'm not an overclocker. Intel also said that, for Prescott based systems, they specifically recommend chassis with side intake fans that have a tube going from the side fan straight to the CPU to funnel colder air from outside of the chassis directly to the CPU fan. That's all fine and good, except that not many chassis come this way stock, and I had already bought mine. I’ll get around to modding it eventually.

I ordered some cooling upgrades. I replaced the stock Intel heat sink and fan with the Coolermaster Jet 4. I also used the Coolermaster Shin Etsu thermal compound. I replaced Coolermaster’s stock blowhole fan in the Praetorian Case with ThermalTake’s 3-function, Smart Case (75 CFM) Fan Blue Led 80mm x 80mm x25mm (A2016).

Today's weather is cool for summer—74°F ambient room temperature. Currently, my 3.0E MHz Prescott is running at 54°C with no load (down from 60-62°C). Under load, it’s still hovering near 69-70° C (down from 72°C).

The Prescott CPU runs hot. Intel says it can handle it, and not to worry. So far, mine has taken it well with no noticeable, adverse side effects. However, I’m concerned about how long this processor will last under this heat. Sure this CPU may take the heat now, but its useful life (and that of the surrounding PC components) WILL be shortened by continuous heat exposure. Good thing this CPU has a 3-year warranty (I also bought an extra year from my online retailer.)

My hardware hasn’t failed yet, and I've never had a system lockup that wasn't the result of some software bug. And it is a blazingly fast CPU. But again, I only recommend this CPU if you are willing to upgrade your system cooling.

By kenalcock - Jul 8, 2004

This is a great processor. I am...

Strengths: Very fast CPU

Weakness: noisy fan

This is a great processor. I am running very fast, I have 1 GB ram and this processor. The fan is noisy. Prepare to buy another fan and heatsink!

By kenanr - Jul 17, 2004

Wow, this proc is great!...

Strengths: Overall I liked it, I have not used the overclocking due to existing single channel Memory. It is a new technology and it is not more expensive than Northwood.

Weakness: It's considerable hot while running compared to Northwood.

Wow, this proc is great! Everything runs so much smoothly and games run fantastic! The heatsink was little bit difficult to install and I needed to order the replacement from Intel after I broke the first one. Runs about 45-50 degrees celcius, probably will get a little cooler as time goes on. Great product! Used with ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Graphic card.!!! Great buy!

By skvaish - Jun 23, 2004

It is easy to install. I have no...

Strengths: It is fast and stable.

Weakness: Noisy fan and hot especially when playing game.

It is easy to install. I have no complain with this great CPU though its fan makes a little noisy. Great performance with Battlefield Vietnam. Enjoy the good chip. Asus P4P800 Deluxe with 1 GB Kingston DDR400 dual channel mode and ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB.

By buyonline0303 - Jul 26, 2004

I bought this processor to replace...

Strengths: nice and fast. can run very well even at high temperatures.

Weakness: Can run a tad hot, however, as a general rule they run 10 degrees hotter than northwoods due to new features, but as can take it

I bought this processor to replace an athlon 2000+, together with a new case, and harddrives etc...

with the intel stock fan i was getting idle temperatures of around 60 degrees and load temperatures of 65-70. 5 months later, the fan kicked it, and my load temperatures would go past 75.. bought a Coolermaster hyper48. Idle now at 45 degrees and load at around 55-58. It shouuld be noted at no time did performance get worse...these babies are specifically designed to take the heat, so dont worry.

By Neilz0r - Jan 3, 2005

So far the best chip i've got yet....

Strengths: Fast and faster

Weakness: none so far

So far the best chip i've got yet. I used a celoron 2.4 before and it ran a bit cooler only 27c while gaming but also slower. I was wondering if 42c was good temp so i came hear to find out. I guess it is good. I use a radeon 9800se and it runs great together. I plan to upgrade to a radeon x800pro soon.

By TODESTOOL - Oct 25, 2004

Upgrading from a 1 GHz pentium 3...

Strengths: Speed, new technology and set of instructions.

Weakness: heat, noisy fan

Upgrading from a 1 GHz pentium 3 to the 3 GHz Prescott was a huge dramatic speed difference for me, I was blown away! This baby is fast!! The only thing I don't like about it is the heat buildup, can go as high as 65 degrees celsius! Because of the heat buildup, the stock fan/heatsink would get annoyingly loud, and led me to switch to a much better and quieter fan/heatsink from Zalman.

By CHICHORAF - Jun 16, 2004

I have seen a lot of reviews about...

Strengths: Very fast processor when compared to the 2.0 Celeron that I was using. Great price thru PriceGrabber,too.

Weakness: Runs hotter than the Celeron, but this is to be expected due the Hyperthreading technology.

I have seen a lot of reviews about the temperatures of this processor, but I have to believe that Intel would not give a 3 year warranty on this processor if they were not completely sure that their stock heatsink and fan would be good enough to protect the processor.
I do a lot of video editing/encoding and the temperature has yet to go over 48c. I am running this on an ASUS P4P800 Deluxe MB with 1 gig of PMI (now PQI) RAM. ( FYI:I have 4, 80 mm fans in my case for cooling). The Celeron took 1 hour 25 minutes to copy a DVD, now it takes only about 45 minutes from start to finish. I am completely satisfied with this processor running at 3.0 and do not plan to overclock.
The 3.0 Prescott is the best processor I have used, a big "thumbs up" to Intel and PriceGrabber, too.

By mainsuper01 - Sep 7, 2004

This is a upgrade from a older P$...

Strengths: Speed is great

Weakness: Runs a tad bit on the hot side of things

This is a upgrade from a older P$ system and the system is screaming fast now since I built a new computer. Great price on the Prescott processor and motherboard setup I found.
The Chip runs a tad bit on the hot side but the other item is the Intel supplied fan is a bit noisy as well when the temp rises in teh case. Make sure you have adequate ventilation to use this type of processor.

By biologist_99 - Oct 25, 2004

It was so easy to install, first...

Strengths: easy to install High Performances processor

Weakness: None as far

It was so easy to install, first the processor in the socket then the processor fan. Very convenient locking system. The fan is pretty silent and easy to connect.
Performances are great, as expected from Intel.

By phigal - Sep 16, 2004

I purchased this Cpu and changed...

Strengths: FAST FAST FAST, Intel #1, HT Tech, 3.0 Ghz, 1mb cache.

Weakness: Hotter than the fires in hell. Price can come down a bit.

I purchased this Cpu and changed it from an exisiting Northwood chip, 2.6 Ghz. I would get 35C at idle and 46C at extreme use with the retail Fan. Now let me let u about how hell will feel. 46C idle and don't even want to check in extreme conditions. reccomend the day u bye it to fork over a little more money and get a quality fan that can cool this devil down. friends tell me it rocks with zalman or a coolmaster fan. i'll find out this week. By the way, Price grabber ROCKS!!!!

By mehranuci - May 18, 2004

This is an incredible component....

Strengths: Speed Speed Speed

Weakness: Runs hot

This is an incredible component. Everything I do is done in a second. I can open 3 games at a time and they still would be running at a nice pace. I played Halo for 4 hours and I didn't see it lag once. I don't know how I had lived with my old 400Mhz Celeron PC. This processor is hard to top and is worth every dollar. Though, with great speed comes great heat; buy a good CPU fan, I would suggest a Thermaltake or Zalmac fan, but that's just me.

By AEBeretSniper - Jul 16, 2004

Despite the noisy CPU fan, the...

Strengths: Speed

Weakness: Noisy CPU fan from retail box

Despite the noisy CPU fan, the Prescott CPU is blazing fast. I have an Asus P4C800-E Delux motherboard with Kingston 1GB DDR400 (PC3200-CL3A) and ATI All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro Video Card. No problem so far. The motherboard is kept pretty cool at around 40C (idle) and 45C (high). I also have 2 chassis fans, 2 additional fans from my 480W Antec True Power Supply. This system is a vast improvement from my previous PIII-600.

By yshern - Jun 21, 2004

I am very happy with this...

Strengths: This processor is very snappy, reliable and is a very good match for an Intel D875PBZ board (revision 206 and above). The price is reasonable.

Weakness: Included CPU fan is noisy, even with the motherboard fan controller. Trash the CPU fan and replace with a cool and quiet Zalman CPU fan (CNPS7000A-AlCu), and Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound.

I am very happy with this processor. I keep my PC on 24/7 and have not had a single problem. Hyper-threading works well. There is a noticeable improvement from the 2.5ghz PIV 533mhz FSB on my older PC. Windows XP actually shows two processors in the task manager and hardware device manager.

My CPU runs about 38C-41C at idle and around 48C-50C with a large load (i.e. gaming). The max temperature rating for this CPU is 69C and 38C ambient case temperature (I haven't been able to reach these limits using my Antec Sonata Quiet Case).

Using Corsair low-latency memory (TWINX512-3200LLPT) without any problems, although Corsair recommends more expensive TWINX-LLPRO with Intel D875PBZ board.

By gator_33 - May 27, 2004





By mhuet - May 27, 2004

The Intel processor works great....

Strengths: Fast, FAst, FASt, FAST!! It is just that. Comes with a great fan in retail box and a three year warranty. Best CPU for the price.

Weakness: None that I can think of.

The Intel processor works great. Make sure you get a motherboard that supports the Hyper Technology. This CPU was worth every dollar. I love the fact it comes with the three year warranty and CPU fan.

By riot07 - Sep 3, 2004

These new "E" processors with the...

Strengths: Speed

Weakness: none so far

These new "E" processors with the 1mb L2 cache are just great. You usually need to upgrade to the latest bios as I did to get the speed and temp. reading correct, but other that that they are directly replaceable.

By jack_bunce - Jun 17, 2004

I use to have a HP run on P4 2.4GH...

Strengths: Fast,reliable

Weakness: Price

I use to have a HP run on P4 2.4GH and AMD Atlon 2400 ,They are ways behind this one.Now can do multi task(Editting home movie,making music and touch up my photo...) at the same time with out crashing the computer.

By khicon99 - May 10, 2004

I've heard others worry about heat...

Strengths: Works perfectly in new computer system w/ABIT board.

Weakness: None noted.

I've heard others worry about heat generated by this family of CPUs. But with a motherboard designed to meet the more stringent heat generating standards of Intel and nothing more than the standard heat sink and fan from Intel boxed with the processor, and a case built for cool running, I haven't had one single problem --- and I leave it running and in use for hours at a time.

By c4791p - Jun 13, 2004

You know when I frist put this...

Strengths: Man this CPU is outstanding I run this processor with a ASUS Del motherboard and three fans inside to keep it cool even when i put a load on it,it still run cool,no nois.LOVE IT

Weakness: Still looking

You know when I frist put this computer togather and I pluged it in the wall I just closed my eyes and when I open up that baby was booting up so fast I love it (no problems at all).I let it run for about 3 days 24/7 all most forgot about it cause of no nose and on the 4th day i up the HT Tech about 10% still no TBL.The Intel Pentium4 3.0ghz I still LOVE IT.

By babyleonard - Jun 17, 2004

very happy with this product.very...

Strengths: very fast

Weakness: n/a

very happy with this product.very fast,great hyper-threading technology.very easy to install.the pentium 4 is a great processer to have for your computer.would buy again or recommend.

By acornbanner - Apr 28, 2004

I always read many reviews before...

Strengths: Fast and Reliable

Weakness: Nothing that I encounter

I always read many reviews before buying any product and many of the reviews I found about Prescott were not encouraging, but I decide to go with my instinct and buy it anyway since I have been building computers for more than 12 years. The processor is great it really boost performance on the system I have thermaltake case which takes care of the heat and chaintech 9CJS zenith MB and Kingston 512MB Kit PC 4000 DDR DIMM. If you have one slow part on any computer it will drag the whole system down so I try to buy everything from the same class and I never had a problem. Very fast very reliable and it can handle many applications at the same time. I would recommend it that we know the future of Intel would be in Prescott.

By halmomani - May 12, 2004

Wow, this proc is great!...

Wow, this proc is great! Everything runs so much smoothly and games run fantastic! The heatsink was little bit difficult to install and I needed to order the replacement from Intel after I broke the first one. Runs about 45-50 degrees celcius, probably will get a little cooler as time goes on. Great product! Used with ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Graphic card.!!! Great buy!

By hapkomah67 - Aug 3, 2004

If you buy this you had better buy...

Strengths: Very fast, great overclocker

Weakness: LOUD

If you buy this you had better buy some kind of CPU cooler, unless you plan on having storm ssounds under your desk.

Very fast.... very very fast....

By srahmani - Jul 24, 2004

just got the d875pbz prescott...

Strengths: easy to configure, can be overclocked 10 percent. has 800 FSB & Dual Channel memory capable. on the d875pbz prescott board, it's unbeatable

Weakness: nothing noticed yet

just got the d875pbz prescott board, and this chip makes data fly with the 1 gb dual channel memory.
if you want a super system, don't pass up this chip.

By TheFixer300 - May 19, 2004

I really like this processor as it...

Strengths: Processor runs very fast and it was quick to install

Weakness: none at all

I really like this processor as it has the new 90nm technology and that it fits my needs. It runs nice and fast. The size of the chip is great and it has a really good fan/hs that it comes with.

By speed45 - Jul 4, 2004

I find that the Intel Hyper...

Strengths: The Intel 3.0gig HT has great speed.

Weakness: none

I find that the Intel Hyper Technology has the edge over AMD by far. I have used other types of processors in the past and in the long run Intel class CPU with stands it's performance over all. I upgraded from a 2.8gig HT to 3.0 and it runs at 15% better performance.

By GW_TIGER - Aug 13, 2004

P4 w/HT 3.0GHz still reliable

Strengths: Fast, Stable, Solid performer

Weakness: Older technology, Poor stock fan and heatsink.

I have had this chip installed on an Asus P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard for the better part of 2 years now, and it has been performing very well. The stock heatsink and fan are not the best. Any overclocking, or major tasking will make this chip heat up a lot. I would recommend a solid aftermarked heatsink. I personally installed a ThermalRight XP-90 heatsink, with a 92mm fan, and have had excellend performance and cooling, even under load. With newer chips, such as the Pentium D, and Intel Duo2, the technology is older on this chip. But, it still is a rock solid performer, and very reliable. I would purchase this chip again if I needed a basic single core chip, and would recommend it to anyone.

By Dusty019 - Dec 22, 2006

Served me well

Strengths: Ran pretty cool using Arctic Silver 5, handled some fairly large programs (games, Photoshop CS2, assorted video editing programs), noticed a huge difference from my 1.6 GHz P4 which doesn't have HT.

Weakness: Stock thermal goop leaked from the edges, had to pop it scrape it and use A.S. 5. Can handle large programs, but when it comes to compiling, extracting, and compressing, it can take a bit of time.

Used this CPU for 2 years, practically on all the time, not one BSOD. For basic gaming needs (BF2, HL2, Hitman: Contracts, settings on medium using an nVidia 6600 256 meg video card (limited by the video card, since it's AGP). Can get hot after a few hours of gaming or after a few large extractions/compressions. These days this is a Dinosaur, but as I said above, it served me well and did what I asked of it before I upgraded to an AMD X2 3800+, and since it uses DDR 400 memory, I was able to use the same memory for the upgrade. Buying it now would be silly, seeing as the Conroes are only 180 now, and DDR2 is about the same price as DDR.

By sgtdisturbed47 - Dec 22, 2006

Best price on the web

Strengths: Great improvement from my 2.6 P4

Weakness: HOT! My 2.6 ran a steady 28-32 degrees, 36 when fully loaded

I love how this is performing, havent overcloked yet but i assume it would work just fine. As many say, it runs a little hot, staying at 38-40 degrees with the stock fan. Shipping was very fast and economic. I do wish they had provided better packagin though, it was protected, but it could have been better :) Other than that I wil probably come back and buy stuff here again.

By bunnytrigger; - Aug 1, 2006

Weird Chip

Strengths: It's running for half a year now :P

Weakness: It's getting verry hot ! I'm a gamer and it almost always runs at 80 degrees. I think the speed of the processor will decrease because it get this heat...

I'm a gamer, I play World of Warcraft (with now problems though) Warcraft 3 ( No problems ) and Counter Strike : Source. But with CS:S I do get problems, It's like this: I start up my pc and it's starting to load MSN,Steam,winamp,Xfire and stuff the next thing is that Asus probe pops up noticing me that my CPU is over 80 Degrees. Because I got this problem for so long I always just exit asus probe. But when I'm playing CS:S I just got such low FPS that I can't stand it ( Like 20FPS at hard times) I do play it on 1280x1024(LCD) mode and with 2xAA and almost all settings on highest, but that should be no problem for my PC. Because my brother got a Intel Pentium 4 2,4 ghz proc. with a ati radeon 9800 pro videocard and 1024 mb ram. And he runs it easily...
And I got Intel pentium 4 3.0ghz with a Ati x800 vid. card and also 1 gb ram.
My PC should definitely be better but I don't notice it in any aspect.
I think it's because of the proc. that runs to heat with his original cooler.
So I suggest to just buy a new Cooler and game on with hope on some better fps which makes gaming a lot more fun.

By Ironicus - Mar 23, 2006

Faast chip!

Strengths: High speed, hyperthreading, intel quality

Weakness: Price--older socket 478 style should have come down some by now.

I used this processor in my first ever ground-up computer build, very fast and so far am very pleased. I Dont understand about the heat issues I keep reading about, as I am using the stock-provided heatsink and fan and show cpu temps of 38 - 41 C at idle- but I am not a gamer so doubt if I approach anywhere near its limits. Easy install and is light years ahead & a major upgrade from my 4yr old 1.1ghz celeron - HP Pavillion. I have this installed on a D865PERL Intel motherboard W/2GB memory, in a coolermaster centurion mid case with two stock fans and entire front panel is perforated mesh for airflow, so this may help in the heat department. Has worked fine from first startup and is really fast and handles multiple applications easily. I have no regrets and would use again, although price could be lower as this is an older socket style soon to go south.

By Mike; - Feb 12, 2006

Prescott not hot

Strengths: works flawlessly with Intel heatdink & fan. no temp problems what so ever

Weakness: none

Chose this cpu after reading many reviews but concerns about heat stayed in my mind. matched itwith Intel D865perl board and choose the Aspire X navigator case. had a tech put it together and my cpu temps are between 28-30 degrees Celcius. I don't overclock, nor would I know how.
Did I just luck out as my Prescott 3.0 seems to run very cool,considering others comments.

By anonymous; - Sep 9, 2005

Too Hot!!

Strengths: HT adds a lot of performance

Weakness: Too Hot!

Big Boost in some of my multimedia apps, if your working with multimedia and you have this proc be sure to get some software that takes advantage it realy improves performance.
did I mention it's Too Hot ! In some ways I feel this proc has gone backwards. I had to get some better fans for my case to get rid of the heat. I reccomend a qualtiy cas , fans and heatsink for a proc like this.
Unless Intel can do something about this heat I'll be looking at AMD in about three years when they're cheaper
It'll be dual core time!

By anonymous; - Jul 14, 2005

Nice CPU

Strengths: Relativly Fast. Cheap @ $200

Weakness: Hot

I bought this CPU for my fairly well spec'd budget gamer pc. So far the CPU has been fairly well behaved but has overheated and turned off. For this reason I bought this massive cooler and do not overclock. It has not since overheated.

By anonymous; - Jul 12, 2005