Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 2.66GHz Processor


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The Intel Core 2 Extreme processor delivers revolutionary dual-core performance for those who want the most intense, high-performance computing experience available. Designed for gamers and power users, the Intel Core 2 Extreme processor provides exceptional performance for ultra-realistic games and advanced digital media creation applications.

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Processor Socket: Intel Socket T LGA-775

Processor Class: Intel Core 2 Extreme

Number of Processor Cores: Dual-core (2 Core)

normalized-Processor Speed: 2660


Product Title: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 2.66GHz Processor

Manufacturer: Intel

Lowest Price: $216.04 from

Power Score: 4.3 | 7 Reviews

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Very Very Fast Processor, High Price

Strengths: fast, 4 cores, can't even imagine using all 4 cores at 100%

Weakness: a little overkill for most people

Unless you are doing very compute intensive work, this processor isn't for you. This processor is great, however, for people doing video encoding, or people trying to break the highest benchmark. It runs a little warmer than most, but that is to be expected. You shouldn't get this if you just want your games to run smoother, as it won't even be taken advantage of with the 4 cores, maybe the games...
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By Cameras and Computers - Jul 19, 2007

Fast and Furious!

Strengths: The second-fastest Intel processor available; readily overclockable; handles multiple processing threads with ease

Weakness: A bit pricey, but considering that you're getting four CPUs on a single chip, it's worth it!

I bought this CPU as part of a custom machine I built back in April (EVGA nVidia 680i motherboard with 8800 GTX GPU, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, Dell 24" flat panel LCD, 3D Aurora 570 case, PCP&C 750w power supply, Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro fan) and haven't had any problems with it whatsoever. There aren't many applications built yet which natively use four CPUs, but this monster will handle...
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By scott_mcclure - Jul 12, 2007

Not for extreme gaming

Strengths: More future-proof than mere speed increases

Weakness: Disappointing overclock & heat

I can't recommend purchasing this CPU for gaming - in fact, from an overclocking standpoint, the X6800 dual core is far better. I have both CPUs, and have cooled them with an nVentiv Mach II GT phase change cooler, which I think is simply the most powerful cooling solution available (that is still easily purchased and set up by non-university-scientist users). Liquid nitrogen and dry ice are just...
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By Mason Storm - May 2, 2007


Strengths: Quad Core Fast

Weakness: Price, but that's what you pay for the best

Just a great experience. I upgraded from an old P4 2.6 and this is very fast. I'd highly recommend it to anyone even with the price. I have not overclocked it yet, but with a revision to the motherboard I use, it will be a screamer.

By amaunator - Mar 3, 2007

Oh, the power -- but OH, the price!

Strengths: Quad-core goodness, seemingly good OC capability, POWER.

Weakness: New-release, top-of-the-line price, you might need a BIOS update to use it.

I normally don't spend quite so much on a processor, but with my LAN growning to about 6 computers, I wanted a machine that could be used as a central server (both for gaming and distributed apps) as well as a gateway for certain electronics (read: my PS3, which I don't want to give direct access to a wireless connection). Quad-core seemed to fit the bill perfectly, and I took a deep breath and...
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By geo442 - Jan 14, 2007

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