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Challenging a new generations of PC mod-ding, the Cooler Master V8 revs up ahead with its tough guard cooling engine. Superior in its design, this wicked-fun V8 monster has enough horsepower to out-perform its duties with any high-performance CPU while under the most critical heat conditions. On top of its stylish finish, the V8 Cooler has quite some rich features. For heat dissipation it is supported with it is smart 180W cooling solution. Modularized by 4 separate set of aluminium fins and linked by 8 diagonal up-rise heat pipes.


Product Title: Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler

Manufacturer: Cooler Master

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Power Score: 3.9 | 4 Reviews

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Strengths: Good looking and quiet.

Weakness: Size and Weight

In the NZXT Phantom (with lots of cooling) it keeps my 6 core 1075T at 69f. Pretty amazing, and that's with the case fans on minimum, not maximum. I can get the CPU down to 66f with full case fans. In other information I've read, the V8 is a very good but not top of the line performer. I would agree with that. If it wasn't for the Phantom's 6 case fans helping out (2 at 200mm) the...
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By - Jun 29, 2011

I love mine

Strengths: keeps my AMD Phenom II 1100t cool @ 4.2 MHZ has red leds looks cool Nice and Quiet.

Weakness: Barely fit in my case Touches On Both Sides ,,,,I guess that is a plus sense it gives extra support

Right now Im at low speed ,I cant hear it ,my CPU is at 90 deg.f. O.C.d To 4.217 .If I crank it up I can get to 88deg my RAM stays around 101 and my mobo @116 and I have 5 case fans You Cant Go Wrong Its Well Worth The Price this thing does the job Buy It!.I will have one on my next build.

By musclerod - Apr 10, 2011

Looks great. Low Noise...... But

Strengths: Very attractive unit. Even lights up on top to add to the appearance. Assembly is reasonably easy other than removing your motherboard, which isn't difficult, just tedious.

Weakness: Must remove your motherboard. Reostat is mounted on the back side of the computer in one of the expansion slots which makes it very inconvenient to adjust the speed. I kept mine at the fastest speed.

You must remove your motherboard unless you have a case with a cutout. The cute looking light on top makes it look a little bit cool even tho it serves no purpose and is rather mundane compared to many other HSF. Assembly is relatively easy ouside motherboard removal. A reostat is provided but must be mounted in the rear of the case and is totally inconvenient for adjustments. I just left mine in...
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By shagnat - Feb 9, 2011

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By - Nov 26, 2008

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