ThermalTake Tsunami Chassis

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High Efficient ventilation with Dual 12cm silent fan in front & rear, 9cm fan on side panel. Mirror coating, Transparent X type side panel window, Dual USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 Firewire, Audio & Speaker ports.

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System Board Style: ATX

Number of Drives Supported: 11

Chassis Style: Tower

Chassis Color: Black

General Features: Front Earphone Jack, Front Firewire Ports, Front Microphone Jack, Front USB Ports


Product Title: ThermalTake Tsunami Chassis

Manufacturer: ThermalTake

Power Score: 4.4 | 17 Reviews

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Looks good but very thin. Buy a COOLER MASTER it's thicker and not as loud

Strengths: The finnish on the inside is cool I took a dremel to it and now it's like a mirror inside.

Weakness: Top latch very weak.Front led burn out not cool. If your running dual video cards you have no clearence for the wires to go between the hard drive and video cards so stupid

The is o.k. but I would never build one again I tell all my customers to go with COOLER MASTER WAVE MASTER put window on it and damm you have the shiznit those things are so strong and the paint is sick and smooth. I have built hundreds of custom cpu's so beleave me this is not worth buying if your running dual cards get a wire stuck in a video card fan and poof there goes $600.00. When I push on...
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By Mr.Tweakies Cpu; - Aug 10, 2006

the va3000 is a mini va8000

Strengths: lots of space for a midtower, 3 well placed fans including side fan. light and small enough for those lan parties.

Weakness: aluminum case lacks the strength of steel cases.

to begin with, the va3000 is to midtower cases what the va8000 is to fulltower cases which is saying a lot of good things. the va3000 has 3 well placed fans, including one on the side and a 120mm fan on the front with an adjacent 5 hdd bay that allows hdd's to be cooled making the va3000 one of the best air cooling cases. and the va3000 is spacious making upgrades easy and with it's standard atx...
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By b4lakers - Dec 8, 2005

good but not best

Strengths: 3 well placed fans, front, back, and side. nice lighting gives great looks. compatible with desktop atx and workstation e atx motherboards. front fan design allows up to 3 hdd's to be cooled.

Weakness: does not have tube/hose slots for external coolers. not btx upgradable.

with the exception of a few less bays, tube/hose slots for external cooling, and btx upgradable, the va3000 is a carbon copy of the flagship and awesome va8000. the va3000 has enough bays for most people and it's easy installation of the awesome thermaltake purepower 680w make this case tough to be beat. and at only 13 pounds it's a portable desktop or a duel cpu workstation. to sum it up, while...
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By anonymous; - Aug 20, 2005

i had the wavemaster first, for...

Strengths: nice case (see below)

Weakness: copy off wavemaster, no removable mobo tray

i had the wavemaster first, for the record, but a friend bought this one so im gonna review it. This case is very cool design (from the wavemaster) but improves in several ways. first, the window is standard. second, it has 2 120mm fans and a 92 mm, as opposed to the 3 80mm's on the wavemaster. there is no removable mobo tray, but the drive cages are removable which is a plus. also, drive rails...
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By kenanr - May 29, 2005

this case overall is great. very...

Strengths: good looking, good pricing, sturdy

Weakness: a bit heavy

this case overall is great. very clean and simple design. for the price, it's a great buy. i dont mind having a second one. the side window's really cute.

By smashi - May 9, 2005

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