Antec Solution SLK3700AMB Chassis

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The SLK3700AMB Super Mid Tower, part of Antec all new Solution Series of cases, offers a large 11-drive capacity in a convenient Mid Tower form factor. The Antec Solution Series SLK3700AMB is compatible with all popular AMD and Intel® PC solutions up to Standard ATX.

Quick Glance

System Board Style: ATX

Number of Drives Supported: 11

Chassis Style: Mid-tower

Chassis Color: Metallic Bronze

General Features: Front USB Port Yes


Product Title: Antec Solution SLK3700AMB Chassis

Manufacturer: Antec

Power Score: 4.2 | 6 Reviews

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Product Reviews (6)

The removable drive bays help get...

Strengths: Has a great look and nice color. The removable drive holders are great. The dust filter is also helpful. Large 120 fans move a lot of air.

Weakness: A little cramped but manageable on the inside. A better instruction manual with more pictures would be helpful.

The removable drive bays help get everything in the case. The rails that attach to the 5.25" drives have tabs that go towards the front of the case. The front needs to be taken off to put a 5.25" drive in. They just slide in then lock into place. It is a little scary taking off the front if 5.25" drives are in but it will come off if you push down on the front a little bit.

By bfly02 - Sep 9, 2004

This was the first time I built my...

Strengths: Well built, nice "pop out" drive bays. I already had a hard drive go, and these bays make it a breeze to change them out.

Weakness: Instructions could be a little better sorting out the hardware that comes with it. It was a little tough to figure out which piece of hardware went where for my first time.

This was the first time I built my own PC, and overall, I like this case. With all of the drive bays out of that case, there was plenty of room to install the mother board and to do all of the connections prior to the drive bays going back in. The only real problem that I had was with the 3.5" floppy bay. For some reason, the top side of the floppy drive was being pushed up against the case and...
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By kfessler - Nov 12, 2003

The front vent provides the only...

Strengths: Excellent overall design characterized by above-average breathability through a filterable intake in front of the hard drive cage. Plenty of space for RAID or a server. Generally high manufacturin

Weakness: Some irritating problems with fit. Tricky to remove front panel without breaking. The door can't be stowed when open. They don't offer a high-power version. Less-than-complete front I/O. Tedious U

The front vent provides the only intake. It c onsists of about 150 6mm round holes--about 6.5 square inches (much less restric ted than for most cases). The front louvre has seven openings whose areas add up to (only) about 1.5 square inches. The "filter" is about like a heavy-duty no -see-um mosquito net on the inside of the front panel behind the louvre. It is k ind of a joke because there is...
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By dingle - Oct 9, 2003

Nice case for the price. I have...

Strengths: Price

Weakness: None.

Nice case for the price. I have had no trouble with it at all. I installed everything myself inside and didn't fry anything. Very good case overall.

By angelcarreras - Aug 21, 2003

Decent case, came with a bad psu...

Strengths: Air-filters, Pop-out HD racks

Weakness: Tight inside

Decent case, came with a bad psu and fried 2 motherboards, cpu, and memory. Careful, and always test your psu before you using it. A psu tester should it as good, but it was sending out pulses way to high for a board.

By Corbinator - Apr 7, 2003

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