Antec Performance II SX630II Chassis

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Antec expands its highly acclaimed Performance Series of computer enclosures with an array of new features designed to meet the demands of high performance computing. Featuring Antec's Solution Series of power supplies, with SmartPower.

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System Board Style: ATX

Number of Drives Supported: 8

Chassis Style: Mini-tower

Chassis Color: Beige

General Features: Front USB Port Yes, Front Firewire Port Yes


Product Title: Antec Performance II SX630II Chassis

Manufacturer: Antec

Power Score: 4.9 | 7 Reviews

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Product Reviews (7)

I stated length of ownership as 3...

Strengths: Strength, ease of access, appearance, quality power supply, expansion potential

Weakness: No concrete objective weaknesses found. However, the large dimensions may make it undesireable for some with limited space (it dwarves many other cases in size).

I stated length of ownership as 3 years and I think that actually predates the release of this particular model. However, I've bought two of these (one soon after it was first available), and before that I bought two of the predecessor Antec sx635's. I play high-powered 3D games constantly (I'm the kind of guy that spends 80+ hours out of a 4 day weekend playing computer games) and I've never...
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By Zoid - Dec 18, 2004

Antec makes the best cases....

Strengths: The power supply is quiet. Quality is great.

Weakness: None I can find.

Antec makes the best cases. Overall quality is superior to most cases on the market. It is worth a few more dollars over a Enlight or others cheaper cases.

By Brut60 - Jul 2, 2003

For someone on a budget, this is...

Strengths: Typical Antec quality: solid construction, intelligent layout, fairly roomy for a "smaller" case.

Weakness: "Mini tower" might be misleading to some; check the specs if space is an issue, as it's only 2 or 3 inches shorter than an average server case.

For someone on a budget, this is the perfect starter case. It's got room enough for most of what you would want to put in it, comes with a decent power supply, and has good enough air flow for those who like to rev it up without performance loss or over-heating. Sweet for the price. Five out of five.

By AaronD - Apr 23, 2003

Get this case if your looking for...

Strengths: Tons of room inside, but if you need more then get those cases that look just empire state buildings.

Weakness: No window, but who cares I put my case where the dust won't get in that easy, but where it can cool off easily, and your girlfriend won't care about your mobo or 80mm LED FANS.

Get this case if your looking for a case that matches with your cd-r drives color and ect, also this is not a Mini Case it's a Mid Case it's actually bigger than my Mid Case I have now.

By sparrow - Apr 20, 2003

My two main issues with computer...

Strengths: - solid construction - easy to open side panel - removable 3.5" drive cages - front USB & IEEE ports

Weakness: - front USB & IEEE cables have individual connectors for each header pin, which makes plugging in a bit tedious! - boring color (but I guess I didn't care at the time I bought it :)

My two main issues with computer cases are ease of access to the components inside and ease of installing/uninstalling hardware (drives). This case is excellent on both accounts. The side panel is held in place by a hinge that clicks shut - screws aren't necessarily even needed! The removable 3.5" drive cages make adding/removing drives a snap! I like its weighty, solid construction (sharp...
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By jwpdx - Mar 10, 2003

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