Antec Performance PlusView1000AMG Chassis

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For those who want to make a personal statement with their computer and want everyone to see, Antec introduces PlusView1000AMG. This metallic gray color (AMG) case features a high clarity window, along with the great features of the Performance Plus line. Personalize it even more by adding light and color with a variety of Antec LED fans, UV products and illuminated power supplies. That's computing the new way. Clearly yours.

Quick Glance

System Board Style: EATX

Number of Drives Supported: 10

Chassis Style: Full-tower

Chassis Color: Metallic Gray

General Features: Front USB Port Yes, Front Firewire Port Yes


Product Title: Antec Performance PlusView1000AMG Chassis

Manufacturer: Antec

Power Score: 4.6 | 9 Reviews

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Product Reviews (9)

This is a really nice looking and...

Strengths: Huge space Fans can be installed to cool down harddrives Stylish look Good Ventilation

Weakness: Heavy

This is a really nice looking and robust computer case, the body is specially processed so it feels very smooth. Besides, I can put 3 led fans in the back and the side panel and 2 more regular fans in the front to cool down my 3 hard drives. It's very roomy so whenever I want to plug in new stuff onto the motherboard, it's very easy and I don't feel awkward at all. Highly recommended!!

By Electronic King - Jun 25, 2005

Very goog product. Would recommend...

Strengths: A lot of space. Quality design. Good value for money. I have got the case bundled with the power supply (True Power 430).

Weakness: None

Very goog product. Would recommend to anyone. As soon as you open it - it "smells" quality. It is a big case (might be a disadvantage for someone) but I love it.

By anepomn - Jun 30, 2004

I really think that this case is...

Strengths: Extremely spacious and stylish. 5 fans max!

Weakness: Don't plan on carrying this heavy case around to lan parties or whatever.

I really think that this case is the best one for your money. One other nice part of this case is that it doesn't come with a power supply. A lot of people like one already installed. But, most built in power sources aren't the best. After buying the case, I purchased an Antec 480 watt trueBlue power supply. It came with a good warranty (not a shortened one when you buy combos) and looks great...
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By Hemiboy - Jun 18, 2004

Great overall case. Yes its heavy,...

Strengths: Wonderful case! Very sturdy, the locks are great for security, has LOTS of room for hdd's optical drives, and fans. the 1.0mm steel also makes it quiet~

Weakness: This thing is a beast! It wieghs almost 40 pounds with everything in it, but definately not a problem for me!

Great overall case. Yes its heavy, but at least it wont show up at your house dented like a 12 pound aluminum case would. Also, the window in incredible in that it doesnt get scratched up very easily. Overall a wonderful case, i reccmend that anyone buy long as you can carry it!

By Toresal - Jun 13, 2004

Definetly a great case to get...

Strengths: +Great Construction +STURDY +Removeable 3.5 drive holders +Front USB & Firewire +Washable Front Filter +Large

Weakness: -HEAVY -No Powersource -Front panel is plastic, not metal

Definetly a great case to get ahold of for your system. Very spacious inside, which was a much better step up from my previous case. The whole case itself is also nice and strong. Though, the only part of the case that doesnt seem as sturdy would be the front panel. Just dont go trying to pry it off and it should be fine. A lack of a powersource may turn away some people, but in my opinion it...
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By mooc0w - Jun 5, 2004

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