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Strengths: one cable for video and audio

Weakness: None

The connection is between 60” Sony KDS-R60XBR1 and Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR supplied by Time Warner Cable.

This one small cable replaces five other cables (three video, two audio). The difference between the digital audio supplied by the HDMI cable and the analog from the old connection is very noticeable. The HDMI picture appears to be slightly better than the component video, I doubt that most people would notice – both inputs are 1080i.

I recommend making the switch to HDMI and wish I had ordered two cables to save on shipping. This $18.92 cable will deliver the same performance as the $120 cables sold in your local stores.

By scottwatson - Feb 11, 2006

HDMI Video Cable

Strengths: Economical price

Weakness: None that I have found yet

I have 2 HDTV's and spent $120 on the first cable and only $22 on the second. I can't tell the difference in picture quality and I am happy with the results.

By Doobin1952 - Aug 14, 2006

Startech HDMI Cable

Strengths: Inexpensive; Gold-Plated Connectors; Well-Shielded

Weakness: None noted thus far.

I was a little wary of purchasing "no-name" brand cables, but after 2 months, I can tell you that the 2 cables I purchased bring out the picture on my 42' plasma extremely well, and most importantly for about 1/4 the cost of Monster cables. Highly recommended.

By profk - Nov 21, 2006

Well worth the price

Strengths: Inexpensive Works!

Weakness: None

This cable works much better than the component video cable that came with my new dish satellite HD receiver. Granted, a better component cable may have worked better, but with HDMI, because it's all digital, I don't think it makes a difference. It's well worth the price.

By DCJ - Jan 9, 2007

HDMI to HDMI Digital Video Cable M-M, 6ft.

Strengths: Very inexpensive; good quality.

Weakness: None.

I bought two of these cables for two new HDTVs which I also bought through PriceGrabber. As far as I can tell, they are identical in appearance and thickness to the more expensive cables, and came well wrapped with the ends protected by padding. More importantly, they seem to perform perfectly. I use the word "seem" because I haven't directly compared the picture they produce to the more expensive brands, so I can't really be 100% positive. However, my picture is great, and I can't imagine that there would be any difference with a more expensive cable. This manufacturer is to be commended for selling a quality product at a reasonable price, instead of taking advantage of the fact that retailers use cables to increase their average margins to make up for the competitive pricing on the TV's themselves.

By davidw7777 - Nov 3, 2006

These cables are inexpensive and...

Strengths: Price, functionality

Weakness: None

These cables are inexpensive and they work! HDMI is a digital signal; you do not need the ultra shielded "monster" of a cable to get good quality from a digital signal. Basic shielding in a basic cable will give you the exact same picture and sound quality. Buy this cable and save yourself a lot of cash. I bought two: one for my DVD player and one for my cable box. Both are working great. I would definitely buy this cable again.

By davemayo2000 - Aug 14, 2006

Inexpensive but excellent quality

Strengths: Inexpensive, signal quality on par with cables 5x the price.

Weakness: No noticeable weakness

Shipping was reasonably fast a it was properly packaged. The cable is a no-name, in essence, but its signal quality is on par with cables whose price is many times over. Why would it not be - it's a digital transmission, the signal degradation is not as obvious to the casual observer as is the case with analog signals. My only concerns, as I purchased the cable, were the connectors as they are the ones that can make or break this type of cable. Fortunately, they present themselves well, are thin enough to fit flush in my TV, yet sturdy enough to ensure a good connection. I would purchase it again. AMOF, I will actually buy this particular one when I will upgrade my receiver.

By optimizedchaos - Jan 20, 2008

HDMI cable works great with my...

Strengths: Great price, works like a charm with my PS3

Weakness: none

HDMI cable works great with my PS3, a lot cheaper than the other cables. Can't tell the difference between the quality of this and say Monster cable. Would recommend to anybody who needs a cheap HDMI cable.

By tallazn300 - May 9, 2007

Three Words...BUY THIS CABLE

Strengths: Quality, Price, Ease Of Use

Weakness: Weaknesses? What weaknesses? There simply aren't any

If your components support HDMI technology, that is the way to go, these days. And, this cable is the way to get there!

Don't be fooled by the old saying about high price equals high quality. Not always, and, not in this case. All any of these wires do is get the signal from the source to the destination without adding or removing anything from it, or enhancing it in any other way. This cable is cheap, easy to use and of EXCELLENT quality. Buy with confidence.

By llomenzo - Mar 14, 2007


Strengths: Works just as well as the higher pricest cords

Weakness: No weaknesses

I'm very satified with the HDMI to HDMI cord. Picture quality is perfect, no need to spend 100+ dollars on a cord when this one will do the trick!

By qualew - Nov 24, 2006

Good solid quality cables

Strengths: High quality cable. Gold plated connectors. Shielded.

Weakness: Not as pretty as some of the overpriced cables.

I am very pleased with the performance of these cables. I purchased two of them with one of them for my Time Warner Cable HD DVR box and the other for my Sony Up-converting DVD player. The price was below anything else I could find on the market and I thought it was worth the risk at only about $25 each. I wasn't disappointed at all with the results. Some sales people will insist on selling you overpriced Monster cable but it is unnecessary with digital signals which are used with HDMI. As long as the cable is of good quality and the connectors (most important) are gold plated and of good quality you will not have any problems. Cable size does however hold true with analog signals where cable size is more critical such as component and composite cables. Overall I would gladly reccomend these cables to anyone unless you are going to stare at the BACK of your television for whatever reason.

By nylox - Oct 13, 2006

Startech HDMI Cable

Strengths: High quality and the price

Weakness: none

I bought this HDMI cable for my new HDMI DVD player to my new projection TV. It works very nicely where you can see the difference when you compare to my old projection TV which I had no HDMI connection. I really don't know how much difference will be compare to very expensive monster cable but this cable works fine with me and I have no complain about this cable which cost me only 1/4 of monster cable.

By samlee - Apr 21, 2006

Great Cable, Great Price

Strengths: Pice, Picture Quality, Easy to Setup

Weakness: None

I bought this cable to hook up my HD cable box to my new LCD HDTV, and I couldn't be happier. When I priced HDMI cables I found them often running well over $80. This pair was much cheaper and I couldn't be happier.

Admittedly I didn't buy a more expensive pair for comparison, but I certainly didn't lose any quality switching to these. I haven't had any trouble with interference or lose of signal quality at all.

By dayveeman - Nov 28, 2005

Ok for the price

Strengths: price

Weakness: picture doesn't look any better than with the component cables.

The HD picture on the 27" LCD that I use this cable on does not look nearly as good as the $100 HDMI cable I use on my 50" plasma. It may be the difference in the TVs, though. Also, I think the HD picture I have now looked just as good, if not better, when I was using the component cables.

By yameen1 - Feb 9, 2007

Performs exactly as advertised

Easy to use and performs it's expected function

By nate78 on HP - Jul 14, 2012

HDMI cable

It's an HDMI cable and does what it says it does, so there's not alot to say about it.

By wordwomanvt on HP - Dec 27, 2011

Do Not Overpay for HDMI Cables

Strengths: Works well, low price ($7.50, including shipping)

Weakness: none

HDMI cables sell for $25 to $40 in the stores. "Premium" cables, such as the Monster Cable brand, cost upwards of $60.

I did some research before purchasing. I found out that HDMI cables either work or don't work. There is no in-between. Furthermore, it's highly unlikely that any HDMI cable, regardless of price, will not work. All HDMI cables, including the so-called premium cables, are equal. So it's best to buy the one with the lowest price from a reputable seller.

By dms11364 - May 3, 2008

HDMI cables

Strengths: Cables are excellent..They pass through 1080p signal with no degrading..

Weakness: none that I have experienced

I am very pleased with these cables..They are as good as some costing 10 times more....I am using for my Playstation 3 ..another for my HD DVD and the third for my cable box..

By mkos47 - Apr 3, 2008

6-foot HDMI Digital Video Cable

Strengths: Price was way cheaper than Best Buy, etc.

Weakness: So far, none.

The 2 cables I ordered are working fine. I'm using them from (1) cable box and (2) DVD player to high def plasma TV. Don't have anything else to add.

By exsoccermom - Mar 22, 2008

HDMI Cable

Strengths: Good price

Weakness: Small cable diameter

The diameter of this cable is much smaller than I anticipated and products I already own. I assume this means less shielding. It would be important to compare diameters before selection of the product.

By bywind - Mar 21, 2008

It's an HDMI cable

Strengths: Good cable quality, inexpensive price

Weakness: none.

It's an HDMI cable. Built pretty well. The connector isn't going to yank off at the slightest touch. It can't be beat at the price it's being offered.

By wyndlpoons - Feb 29, 2008

HDMI cable

Strengths: Very cheap

Weakness: none

Works fine on my 1080p HDTV. Compare with $80 to $120 ripoff at BestBuy! Comes without the ridiculous packaging. You would make a big mistake thinking expensive cables are better.

By HJdeJong - Feb 15, 2008

6' HDMI Cable

Strengths: The HDMI cable works correctly, was delivered on time, and the price was right. No surprises and no complaints.

Weakness: The product is fine- no weaknesses.

HDMI cables carry digital video, audio, and control signals between the equipment. If a cable is listed as HDMI, it meets minimum performance rules. Since the signals are digital, there is no need to worry about signal quality and noise for standard applications, and thus no need to pay for premium brands that cost 10X.

There was nothing unexpected about this order that would make it a "super delightful" experience, which is fine with me!

By acartes - Feb 15, 2008


Strengths: Inexpensive, plenty of cord length, just as good as the other $100-$200 wires.

Weakness: None. Product was delivered on time and very easy transaction.

Don't buy those expensive wires unless you want to throw away your money or you are very wealthy. I bought two of them to connect my PS3 and my HD-DVR box to my HDTV. They both look amazing! Buy it, you won't regret it!!

By mdpalacio - Feb 7, 2008

Great price without a compromise in quality.

Strengths: Price - Duh!

Weakness: None

I still cannot believe the price! The quality of the picture in my HD Television is remarkable when compared to the standard coax connections I was using before. I would highly recommend this opportunity. You will not be dissapointed.

By RWentz87 - Feb 6, 2008

Great HDMI Cable

Strengths: Works Great at a Great Price

Weakness: None

This cable is a great value, and it works great. I have been using it now for about 4 weeks and would definitely recommend it and buy this product again.

By bigbluegroove - Jan 9, 2008

6-Foot HDMI to HDMI Digital Video Cable M-M

Strengths: convenient length, for either longer runs or shorter runs (can be bundled up); price is great

Weakness: none

This brand (StarTech) of HDMI cable received a very favorable rating in the 15-foot length by an online computer magazine, and was MUCH less expensive than other cables---Monster for example--- so I bought the 6-foot length on the basis of that review and have had no problems. Save yourself some $.

By anonymous; - Dec 29, 2007

6-Foot HDMI to HDMI Digital Video Cable M-M

Strengths: Seems to work great.

Weakness: none

Recommend. Absolutely!
Don't have anything to compare it to, but it works and you can't beat the price!!!!! Very simple use - its a cord. Plug it in a go. No issues found so far.

By anonymous; - Nov 26, 2007

6' HDMI cable

Strengths: cable works

Weakness: none found so far

This brand of HDMI cable was rated at PC World's website among five brands of HDMI cables in a review, trying to determine whether buying an expensive cable made much difference (not enough discernable).

The length they rated was a 15 foot length, which I didn't need so I decided to buy the 6 foot length.

Conclusion: you don't need to buy a $150 Monster cable,
unless money's no factor and you have a gargantuan TV and system.

By anonymous; - Aug 22, 2007

It's ok.

Strengths: It works.

Weakness: Not the best quality. Artifacts can be seen on blue rays that would not be there with high quality cable.

This cable is best as a super cheap beginner cable when you don't won't to blow 50-60 on a good one right off the bat. It's good for games.

By anonymous; - Aug 20, 2007

HDMI cables: Take your time to find a good deal

Strengths: It improves your TV picture.

Weakness: HDMI cables can be quite expensive.

This cable was bought to utilize the up-scaling feature on a new DVD player, so normal DVDs could be viewed better on an HD TV. It definitely does its job well, the picture is better, and there aren't any compatibility issues.

The cable works fine, and 6 ft is a good length for most set-ups.

One downside to HDMI cables is their unnecessarily high cost. I would recommend looking around for a good deal, as it could make the difference of costing $60 or $15 for virtually the same cable.

By returnofthemeese - Aug 13, 2007 hdmi cables

Strengths: Good solid cable!

Weakness: none

recieved on 4th business day, would definately recommend! Don't waste your money on monster cables that cost over $100.00! I'm using it for my dvd upconverter and also my cable box!

By agolden59 - Jun 5, 2007

Good cables, good price!

Strengths: Works without any problems Price!!!!

Weakness: None as of yet

I've been using these cables for a few months now and have had no problems. I've got them hooked up between an HDTV and an HDMI switch box and the switch box and DVD jukeboxes & a PC.

Appears to be a great buy for cables that work.

By JustPlainDon - Jun 4, 2007

hdmi to hdmi digital video cable m-m 6ft.

Strengths: price ,great video quality.just as good as an $80.00 monster cable

Weakness: none

I just bought a denon 1080i upconvert DVD player for my home theater & i can see no difference between this cable and the
$80.00 monster cable i happily returned. Great video /audio signal for a great price!

By iscts - May 16, 2007

Great quality for low pprice

Strengths: Got GP HDMI cable monster-like quality

Weakness: none

Really good deal for the money.

Not really sure why picture shows silver plater ends. Mine came gold plated, in 2 days (via ground shipment).

Will buy more next time

By otyaglo - May 15, 2007

There really is nothing more to...

Strengths: Quality, price!

Weakness: None

There really is nothing more to say than why would you spend $50 to $90 on the same thing from somewhere else. This cable looks like others I have seen in the electronic stores. It came in a zip lock bag in a padded envelope and works perfectly.

By jdougs - Mar 5, 2007

6' HDMI TV Cable

Strengths: Very good quality HDMI cable at a great price.

Weakness: None.

Exceptional performance from an HDMI cable at this price. The cable construction and plug ends are of excellent quality. Plug ends are gold plated and cable jacket is thick. Highly recommended product.

By fish4dreams - Feb 16, 2007

Buy these instead of Monster Cables!

Strengths: Price, High quality

Weakness: Off-brand cables don't have the proven history behind them

These cables have worked flawlessly so far. I can't comment on how good they are as compared to a known high-quality cable such as Monster, etc. but the price difference is incredible. I bought 3 for 1/5th the price of one Monster cable! Highly recommended!!

By justenhamann - Feb 14, 2007

Great cable, would buy again

Strengths: Works well.

Weakness: none

I tried out a Monster HDMI cable before I bought this one. This cable works just as well as the Monster, so I returned the Monster. No need to pay extra for the Monster.

By vertigo27 - Feb 12, 2007

Supermediastore - Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R

Strengths: very fast delivery, product exactly as decribed.

Weakness: Needs to be wrapped better. 100 dvd were just wrapped in plastic wrap not a hard plastic spindel.The packageing for delivery was great.

Good product, fast delivery. great packaging for delivery. DVD's need to come in a hard spindel, not wrapped in plastic. need to find a place to stack them so they don't keep falling over.

By twitol - Jan 29, 2007

HDMI cables

Strengths: very good prices...very quick delivery

Weakness: none

I would utilize this vendor anytime I needed anything they carry. Webite was user friendly and easy to use. I am very satisfied with my purchase and the service they provided. I received the product in two days!

By nightgolfer - Jan 22, 2007

HDMI to HDMI Digital Video Cable M-M, 6ft

Strengths: Works just fine

Weakness: no weaknesses

This is a good product. No need to spend a fortune on other cables that are way more expensive that do not do anything different. I use these cables on my 42in 1080p lcd tv and works flawlessly.

By millho80 - Jan 20, 2007

After experiencing the sticker...

Strengths: Quality cable, great price.

Weakness: None!

After experiencing the sticker shock of electronics store prices for HDMI cables, I decided to take a chance on this incredibly priced cable and am completely satisfied with it through the first three weeks of use. There is no need to pay those high store prices!

By bub119 - Jan 11, 2007

Best value for the money...

Strengths: It's cheap and it works

Weakness: none

This cable has been performing flawlessly for me. There is sufficient shielding and the cable length (6 ft) should be plenty for most people. You don't need to spend >$60 for a HDMI cable, just get this...

By primo1234 - Dec 9, 2006

HDMI to HDMI Digital Video Cable M-M, 6ft

Strengths: Works great as advertised.

Weakness: None

Excellent product at a much more wallet friendly price.
You could spend considerably more for similar cables but this one works perfectly. Would recommend to anyone looking for an HDMI cable. Have mine hooked up from HDTV cable box to LCD TV.

By lankster48 - Nov 20, 2006

Great stuff!!!

Strengths: It is very inexpensive.

Weakness: None

I wasn't sure at first when I was ordering this HDMI cable. I figured at such low price, I could take a chance. Boy, was I surprised. It beats the heck out of the RCA cables that I had. Plus, all of the clutter that I'd had in the back is reduced at least by 70%. I recommend this cable to anyone who wants good sound for their home theater or use it for your receiver. You can't go wrong with this cable.

By sskangus - Oct 13, 2006

6ft HDMI to HDMI Digital Video

This HDMI to HDMI digital cable product is as described. It was very easy to hook-up. It seems to improve the picture quality when using my Toshiba DVD/VHS up-conversion player with my Toshiba LCD flatscreen. Good price.

By JoyceKV - Oct 7, 2006

Good cable

Strengths: Price

Weakness: None

Purchased this cable to connect my Comcast HDTV DVR to my 56" Toshiba TV. Picture quality and audio is great. Seller (Cableplus) did a good job of quickly shipping my product as well.

By DKienker - Sep 18, 2006

Good Stuff

Strengths: none

Weakness: none

Did what its suposed to do, and does it well. Hooked up a Sony upscale DVD player to my Sony SXRD HDTV and movies look just amazing. Don't waste your money on $100+ HDMI cables, get a low priced one, your eyes wont be able to tell.

By buddhabink - May 21, 2006