10 Ft DVI-I to DVI-I Cable

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This 10ft DVI-I dual link digital/analog video cable features two male DVI-I connectors with support for high speed data transmissions of up to 9.9Gbps between DVI devices. This cable provides a reliable, high quality connection to devices such as flat panel displays, HDTVs, Blu-Ray players, DVD players and more.

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Cable Connectors: 1 x 29-pin DVI-I (Dual-Link) Male Video, 1 x 29-pin DVI-I (Dual-Link) Male Video

Cable Length: 10 ft


Product Title: 10 Ft DVI-I to DVI-I Cable


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Power Score: 4.5 | 4 Reviews

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Product Reviews (4)

DVD-I Cable

Strengths: Great Cable, it does its job very well. The extra 10 feet are great when i have to wrap it around a dual monitor setup. The price was also very good, much cheaper than in stores.

Weakness: None

This worked great for my dual 22inch monitor setup. I could wrap the extra long 10foot cable around my monitors to get to my graphics card. The DVI vs. VGA difference is amazing, better contrast and brightness. All around a great cable I definitely recommend buying it.

By hosttosucceed - Nov 27, 2006

DVI Cable

Strengths: Works fine.

Weakness: DVI-D devices won't work with this cable.

I initially thought that all DVI cables are compatible. Apparently this is not the case. Both my computer and monitor has DVI-D (digital only) sockets. This cable is DVI-I, which means it can carry both digital and analog signal. I had to cut 4 pins and trim the wide pin a bit to make it work on the DVI-D socket. Cable just works fine: Since all the signals are digital, I guess there are really...
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By serguzest - Jun 28, 2006

DVI-I cable review

Strengths: 10-feet is better than 6-foot length and video quality is better than with the old VGA cable

Weakness: none

Worked very well. Improved video quality over old VGA cable, to a new LCD monitor. 10 feet is handier than usual 6 foot lengths, giving me some cable to work with as I slide my PC tower in and out of my hutch cabinet. Very helpful.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your connections are there are several DVI-? connectors out there.

By redbaron41011 - Jun 22, 2006

Wonderful DVI-I Dual Link Cables

Strengths: Excellent tight conection. Ease of use. Great picture with lcd monitors.

Weakness: No weaknesses as far as cables go.

I went to the local cable store, and their prices can not even compare. The connection of these DVI-I cables was excellent and tight. There was great ease of use while connecting them. I have a HD lcd monitor running, and the picture is stunning. The analog cables could never match these DVI-I cables. This is a great product.

By hamloavies - Apr 3, 2006

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