Firestone Audio Fubar I-o USB DAC / ADC in Silver

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The Fubar IO MkII from Firestone Audio is a device that provides exceptional performance for both Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital Conversion. This unit allows you to transfer all of your Vinyl Record or tape collection to your computer hard drive with CD quality. When you playback the song, the music will be converted back to an Analog signal so you are able to enjoy the music the way the original artist intended for it to be heard. Also, by transferring your vinyl and/or tape collection to your computer, you will now be able to access them on your computer as well as save them to a portable music device such as your Smartphone or portable MP3 player. The Fubar IO MKII has an adjustable input level so you are able to adjust the levels and sources in case you are in need of a device for advanced recording. The Fubar IO MKII is also available in Black.


Product Title: Firestone Audio Fubar I-o USB DAC / ADC in Silver

Manufacturer: Firestone Audio

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