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Nearly all your gadgets connect to your computer through USB. You can add ports for your devices with the 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub and remove desktop cable clutter with our patent-pending, cable-management feature. Need even more USB ports to connect all your devices? Add another Belkin 7-Port USB Plus Hub on top of your 7 Port USB 2.0 Hub to maximize available USB ports and save valuable desktop space.


Product Title: Belkin 7 Port USB 2.0 Plus Hub

Manufacturer: Belkin

Lowest Price: $22.99 from TigerDirect

Power Score: 4.2 | 7 Reviews

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Belkin 7-port USB Hub

Strengths: Good design, 7 ports

Weakness: a bit big in size

This is an excellent powered USB 2.0 Hub from Belkin with a great design to accomodate 7 total usb ports (2 on topfor easy access). the hub looks nice and is working well. one quirk i have noticed with my system is it prevents my computer from booting when connected at start. not sure what the issue is but when plugged in after boot-up it works like a champ. its pricey but one of the best.

By deshwasi - Jul 8, 2008

The Perfect Solution!

Strengths: small size, stylish appearance, great price, 2 easy access ports, stackable design for expandability

Weakness: cord holder not very practical (at least for me)

I just got this hub and was able to plug it in and use it with my Intel iMac without any problems. No software or drivers to install, it just works! It looks great on my desktop and gives me all the ports I need (scanner, sound sticks, zip drive, monitor calibrator and room to expand), PLUS 2 handy easy-access ports on the top for my temporary peripherals, like my card reader and my iPod. The...
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By darbetello - Jun 18, 2008

Belkin 7 port plus hub

Strengths: Small footprint, Flat design, Accessible ports, Weighted, Cable management, Stackable

Weakness: Haven't found any!

I love this port! I did tons of research and even purchased a D-link, which I returned. It was smaller, but too lightweight. The two ports on top are wonderful for quick and easy access - I use them for my jump drives. I knew I could find less expensive 7 port hubs, even from Belkin, but I appreciated the design of this one. I would most definitely recommend it. I've yet to find anything to...
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By dvickerys - May 9, 2008

Belkin USB hus purchased from Tiger Direct

Strengths: Clean look, plenty of ports.

Weakness: None

I am a Belkin fan so it was easier for me to sort down through various brand names to get to a USB hub. There are several things I like about the seven port unit I bought. In addition to lots of ports, two are on the top of the device making it very easy to plug in jump drives. The power cord has a very small conversion block. My old Belkin hub has a monster sized block that covers two plugs on...
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By wwsharp - Apr 18, 2008

Real Handy Hub

Strengths: Lots of ports. Works like a dream with my Mac. Functional design.

Weakness: None

This is a terrific addition. Macs don't have enough USBs to begin with. Attached to this Belkin F5U307; I have two external hard drives, my 35 mm scanner, and an Ipod dock. The design is well thought out by have two easily accessable ports on the top. The USB cord running to the Mac is just the right length. I can place the hub well to the side, out of the way. I wish it had built-in card...
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By Chip626 - Feb 3, 2008

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