WD AVN00 Digital Multimedia Player


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Turn your USB drive into an HD media player. Store your HD content on a USB drive. Plug the drive in and play HD movies, digital music and family photos on your TV. It's as easy as 1-2-3.


Product Title: WD AVN00 Digital Multimedia Player

Manufacturer: WD

Lowest Price: $214.02 from Memory4Less.com

Power Score: 3.8 | 11 Reviews

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Strengths: Not to expensive, user friendly

Weakness: Unreliable, inconsistent

I have owned this product for about 8 months now, and it has worked about half the time I have tried to use it. I do not have cable as I travel a lot for work, so when I am home I prefer to use my WD TV over my laptop due to screen size of my TV and getting tired of watching movies on my laptop. About half the time the unit allows me to view my files, the other times it tells me no data is...
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By anonymous; - Apr 15, 2011

This Player Does Not Support MAC Hard Drives

Strengths: Easy To Use

Weakness: Another PC Restricted Product

I bought this product because I thought the idea was great. Im tired of DVDs all over the place, and I wanted an intelligent MENU DRIVEN product that I could store movies on, and actually browse through a MOVIE MENU to see what's in the drive. I have a brand new Seagate 320 Gig hard drive, but apparently its a Mac format, so immediately after setting up the entire system, I turn on the WD TV Box,...
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By dylan915 - Nov 3, 2009

Best and simplest Media player

Strengths: Quality of the picture and simplicity of use

Weakness: none

I got tired of looking around the house for DVDs misplaced and kids complaining that they could not find them. I backed up all the DVDs on a WD Passport hard drive. Plugged the WD TV into to my television and plugged the hard drive into the WD TV. Now I never have to lose my mind looking for a missing DVD or worry about a scratched one! All I do is turn on the WD TV and search through the menu to...
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By Sandiegoparis - Mar 10, 2009

Excellent product

Strengths: Ease of use, full HD playback via HDMI and optical audio, small footprint.

Weakness: None.

Excellent product, I would highly recommend it. Hey Nsup, instead of blaming a great product for something it never claimed to do, how about you do some research before you rant nonsense in your review. If you had looked at the product description, you would have noticed that it doesn't mention VOB playback support anywhere...You having to return this item is due entirely to your lack of research.
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By WD HD TV thumbs up!; - Feb 24, 2009

Good deisgn, Good prodcut !!

Strengths: Plays everything

Weakness: non

I love the product,it does plays all my video,save money and save time and make life easier. I think its very creative and friednly deisgn.

By JoyceH - Feb 22, 2009

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