ThermalTake 5.25" Drive Bay Kit

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This extraordinary 5.25-inch drive bay kit morphs into a virtual comfort station for the LAN partier that includes a handy beverage tray and cigarette lighter! Stylish X-style panel gives this innovative device a true games-ready look. Features lightweight, durable aluminum and plastic housing. A real attention getter at a remarkably low price!

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Product Type: Drive Bay Kit


Product Title: ThermalTake 5.25" Drive Bay Kit

Manufacturer: ThermalTake

Power Score: 5 | 1 Review

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If you are looking at this item,...

Strengths: It is well made and comes with all the screws.

Weakness: Totally useless (but don't let this dicourage you).

If you are looking at this item, then you know what its strengths are, it is just a physical manifestation of the mental fusion of car mods and computer mods. Don't forget, you you can plug your GPS into the 12 volts.

By 6093331313 - Jan 31, 2005

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