Monster Cable RadioPlay 300 Wireless FM Transmitter

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Enjoy your MP3 player, CD player, portable DVD player or even your laptop audio through you car stereo's FM radio or virtually any FM station - with Monster RadioPlay 300 Wireless FM Transmitter. It's a fast, simple way to take all your favorite music playlists with you on the road, eliminating those piles of CDs that might be rattling around in your glovebox.


Product Title: Monster Cable RadioPlay 300 Wireless FM Transmitter

Manufacturer: Monster Cable

Power Score: 4.1 | 21 Reviews

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I like the radio play 300

Strengths: channel 107.9 works good for me.

Weakness: Only 3 channels to choose from.

Works better than the other monster ones that plug / charge the ipod nano 5th gen. Plus this one will work with any audio device.

By dudley810 - May 2, 2010

Your results may vary.

Strengths: Easy to use and set up.

Weakness: Sound quality is marginal.

I suspect that how well this device works depends more on your vehicle and it's stereo system than anything else. The sound quality I get is marginal. I mostly listen to news/sports/talk and I would say it's adequate for that purpose. If I were really into music or was an audiophile, this product would not be acceptible.

By bobman50 - May 23, 2009

Good product if you use it in the right area.

Strengths: Fairly easy to use.

Weakness: Sound quality in a city with lots of stations not very good.

Unless you live in a place with only a handful of FM stations, I would not suggest getting a device like this. Urban consumers are better off investing in a CD player that has a line-in connector for using an MP3 player.

By rectangular - Jun 20, 2008

Better than Others FM Transmitter for Non IPOD Users

Strengths: Decent Quality and built. Good Manual. Good Warranty. Less static than others.

Weakness: little difficult to setup. Buttons too close.

I have 2 of these and I like it. Quality is good but not as close as its sibling product for Ipod. Button is little close to each other. Setup could have beet little easier. Much better quality compared to others such as Belkin. Good warranty of 2 yrs from Monster Cable.

By reemagupta - Jan 15, 2008

Monster Cable RadioPlay 300 FM Transmitter

Strengths: Good quality sound broadcast to your stereo. Access to entire FM band. 3 programmable presets.

Weakness: You will still get some signal interference occasionally.

A few times it locked up on me and I had to unplug it to reset it. In a big city there is no way to avoid static. If you don't have an auxiliary port or tape deck in your car for a tape adapter, then this is a great affordable solution.

By fates - Nov 23, 2007

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