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DreamScreen 100/130 Review

I have both a DreamScreen 100 and a 130. As the products are identical except for screen dimensions, this breif review is applicable to both. The DreamScreen is a digital picture frame with the addition of various internet extras. Internet features include access to photos from your Pandora or SnapFish accounts, displaying basic information from your Facebook account, access to thousands of internet radio stations, and providing your local weather forecast. There is also a calendar feature, though this is a local function. The DreamScreen includes a 6-2 card reader, dual USB ports, wired and wireless b/g network support, a tiny remote with a nifty storage slot (nice touch HP), and touch controls along the lower right corner of the screen. It has 2 GBs of internal memory (1.5GB available to the user) for media storage. The device is, otensibly, capable of streaming music or photos from your PC's media library, though I have yet to get this feature to function properly (likely because I have many thousands of photos/songs in my library). The DreamScreen can also play videos stored to internal memory or from inserted media. The unit is tabletop or wall mountable, and includes a wall-wart power supply typical of many electronic devices. The DreamScreen is very sleek in design and appearance, and the packaging is first class as well. The face is smooth edge to edge and friends have been quite impressed. It has a glossy piano black finish and screen, so expect a lot of fingerprints. HP thoughtfully provides a microfiber cloth to take care of these. (Note that this is NOT a touchscreen, so you won't need to touch the screen) The screen quality is excellent with crisp, clear, bright images and vivid color. When in slideshow mode you can select from a variety of transitions. Unfortunately HP forgot to include "random" as a choice to mix things up (hint-hint!). Sound is provides by two small speakers on the rear of the device. They provide basic radio quality sound...don't expect to entertain your party guests...but fine for listening to background radio. Wireless connectivity is very good, and I received excellent signal strength throughout the house. The included internet applets are rather basic. Pandora and SnapFish stream photos admirably and reliably once you have entered your account information. Facebook shows only status messages, photos, and events and is really mostly a novelty. You can scroll through a friend's photos, but the process is slow and tedious. It would be nice if the calendar integrated with Google Calendar so your events would display automatically. SmartRadio works well, with thousands of stations available. Navigation through the list of stations is rather cumbersome. I have no intention of using the DreamScreen as a music player, thus, I have not loaded any songs and can not comment on the music player function. As stated earlier, I have attempted to stream music and photos from my PC to the DreamScreen, but there appears to be a limit as to how many files it can handle. It "sees" the music and photo folders...but nothing shows up within them. I believe this is because I have many thousands of photos and music files in my library and the DreamScreen must be limited in this regard. When I made a small test folder with only a few hundred photos/songs, it was able to stream them successfully. The DreamScreen interface is simple, but very slow. Exiting an applet can take 5-10 seconds before returning to the previous menu. It seems incapable of multi-tasking. Entering your login/password or wireless security relies on an onscreen keyboard controlled by the remote or touchpad. This is very tedious but thankfully you only need to enter the information once. The interface for scrolling through long lists of photos, songs, radio stations, etc. is very clunky and needs work. As there is no "next page/previous page" button, you must scroll to the last item on the right or left before the next page shows. HP needs to figure out some way to improve navigation within the OS. The DreamScreen includes PC software for transferring photos, videos, and music to the device. The software is very rudimentary, and the unit has to be on the Home screen for it to be detected. This can be a little annoying since you have to run upstairs and get the unit on the home screen to transfer your data. It would be great if HP could correct this? Transferring files is a drag and drop operation, and it is very slow over Wi-Fi. This is likely more so because of the device itself as opposed to the Wi-Fi connection, as transferring over wired ethernet shows little improvement in transfer rate. A few things I would like to see added/modified are adding more than a single on-time/off-time for the display. You can set the DreamScreen screen to turn on and off at a set time. Most of us get up in the am, leave for work, and them return home. Why have your DreamScreen displaying all day while you are away? I would like to see at least two on/off screen cycle settings for the device. I would love to see the DreamScreen default to whatever your last function was (before the screensaver kicks in) so, i.e., it could default to the weather when it turns on or the alarm sounds. I would like to see "random" added to the list of photo transitions, and this setting be applied when the ScreenSaver starts. I would like the music player be able to access your iTunes and WMP Playlists. I would truly appreciate it if you could set ALL of the settings from the PC software, and that the unit's internal memory showed up to the PC software so you could delete/rename files stored to the DreamScreen's internal memory from the PC as opposed to the slow and tedious, one-file-at-a-time method required for accomplishing this from the device. I would like to be able to gain access to the DreamScreen without putting it at the Home screen first. I would like to see the Calendar modified to integrate with Google Calendar so it would synchronize automatically. I would also like to possibly see a Contacts applet, again integrated with Gmail contacts so you have your contacts handy. In the Main settings, I would like to be able to turn off applets that I am not using. All in all, I like the DreamScreen and would recommend it to a friend. I am, of course, a techie sort and love gadgets. The firmware is flash upgradable and I hope HP takes into consideration some of the suggestions made here and in other posts and the interface improves over time. The DreamScreen is very sleek, the screen is first rate, and it makes a handsome digital photo frame with some interesting extras. Thanks for reading!

By Schtuperman on HP - May 16, 2010

Nice on many level

The weather feature is great, along with the streaming photos and music from PC. Negatives, no streaming video from PC. The calendar is just that a calendar, no functionality todo things.

By Rnifty on HP - May 12, 2010

Takes awhile to learn all the features

At first, the difficulty of set up and use was frustrating. however, we have had it now for several months. as we used it more and patiently - i stress - patiently read the instructions. the benefits and features became evident. i think the price was too high for the frustration.

By ayor on HP - Mar 21, 2010

Good overall. Needs some tweaking

I mainly bought this to replace my alarm clock and also add some good bed side features. Unfortunately it doesn't have a Snooze option which has been standard on alarm clocks since they've been digital. Even a free cell phone has snooze. It would be great if you could import a song to a specific alarm (or sleep) location rather than generically playing from music. The weather feature is nice but a weather radar would really make this complete. I'm sure their weather provider has this data. HP just needs to add the feature. Fortunately with flexible software/OS support I would expect these features to be available on future updates. Hardware is good but better speakers would really make it a good music source, even if the unit is slightly thicker. Screen has a very good viewing angle but alittle surprised by the WVGA screen (800x480), especially at the 13.3". I would definitely expect the next-gen to be WSVGA (1024x600). 2GB of memory is alittle low but with SD card slot it is easy to expand for $10-20. Just wish the SD data was more seamlessly accessible like the the onboard memory is. Overall the display is very innovative and I think it will create a whole new market of products. I specifically bought this because it has all the feature I want from an iPOD night stand dock but comes with a 10.4" screen. After a few software and hardware refinements I can really see this product taking off.

By Vikingleif on HP - Feb 19, 2010

Dreamscreen is Fun

Bought this product for my wife for use in the kitchen where i scanned her recipies and she can look at them while she cooks, plus the pandora is a very handy feature. The screen images are sharp and the wifi connection works great from all ofo ur home pc's. It is not a computer which in our case would be handy for a web browser, but other than that they are on the right track with this product

By mrferdi on HP - Feb 6, 2010


I luv this product. I hope they take it to the next level and add phone capabiities to mount onto the wall with speaker phone only with voice commans....I came to the site to get a new dog well do I need to say more????....always the dog right? instead of saying I was stupidness for letting the dog get to it.

By bbw202girl on HP - Jan 23, 2010

Looks Excellent...but limited Radio Stations

It looks fantastic, sharp, bright picture. My only complaint is that the featured HP Smartradio does not allow me to listen to my local internet radio stations on the DreamScreen. If I am going to listen to the radio, I can only listen to the select stations that are on Smartradio. That's a big disappointment. I have a Logitech Squeezebox radio which works comparable to the DreamScreen, except it allows for playing custom and local radio stations. I'm thinking maybe I should have purchased a 2nd Squeezebox instead. This way I could play local internet radio and it would subsitute for my regular radio. Nevertheless, the DreamScreen has it purpose and works best as a conversation piece in the room because it certainly does look good, sound good and show well.

By CaddyGirl on HP - Jan 11, 2010

Great gift for wife

I got this for Christmas as a gift for my wife and she loves it. The set up was not overly difficult. HP does need to work on some of the features, but overall very nice. Hopefully some software/firmware updates will come out to make this an outstanding product. Also, HP needs to market this better, it took me forever to find it and had I not remembered what it was called I'm not sure I would have ever found it on the HP shopping website.

By longbeachbob on HP - Jan 7, 2010

Too bad if you own a MAC

I was so excited to get this frame, then once I realized it wasn't MAC compatible back to the store it went. Wouldn't load software, since you can't load software you can't move forward with any of the downloading, etc.

By lindyn on HP - Dec 27, 2009

Decent - But Overall Underwhelming

I bought this device for my wife as an XMas present. We're both gadget folks and love devices that allow us to get more from our home network. The promise of this device is LARGE but the delivery is actually quite small/thin. Why? -The "online services" that the device will allow you to access information from is TOO narrow. Limited to Snapfish (which we don't use; we use Flickr) and Facebook it's just too simple for a complex world with lots of services you may want to full networked information from. -It won't stream/access content from our NAS (network attached storage). The reason to have a NAS is that it's "on all the time" and not the PC (better for the life of the much more expensive laptop). We store all of our music and photos on the NAS, this device can't seem to connect to it even though they are all on the same network - Bad, really a serious limitation. -The calendar function is useless (I believe someone else said as much). You should be able to at least read from an internet based Calendar (like Google Calendar or Windows Live Calendar), but lo and behold, you can't. So all you get is a blank grid when you want to see what's on the calendar for the day when you wake up. -Sound quality is pedestrian at best. Overall, it sounds thin and pales in comparison to our Bose Sounddock for the iPhone. Overall, i think this device has a LOT of promise. HP needs to enable more (via a firmware update) and allow more management features via the PC sottware. Tell me when you've done the HP and I'll buy another one, elsewise more than likely I'll be returning this. So, if you have high expectations for a networked device, then you wil be much disappointed by this device. The average person would be clueless about the potential of this device so they may be impressed with the limited feature set, but anybody who knows how to set up/use a NAS, use more than 1 social network or rely on internet based calendaring will be underwhelmed.

By mKEnvy on HP - Dec 26, 2009

with got 4 100s for presents

We kept one for our house and 3 to give to family members and so far we love this little devices. it could be much better if you could set all the account settings via pc wire or wireless but overall the device is wonderful.

By rivastian on HP - Dec 26, 2009

Its a Dream!

Strengths: wireless, awesome pic quality, internal memory, multi clocks types, weather, all of it!

Weakness: plugs into wall

This is one of the coolest tech gifts that I never asked for! Plays music, internet access to Facebook, Pandora, and others. Great screen size and easy set up. Didn't need the disc to figure it out or install incl. software.

By anonymous; - Dec 25, 2009

Not bad but should be better

When I first saw the Dream Screen, my thought was that at last there was a updated replacement for my 3Com Audrey. So I bought one. Overall, it's good - but HP should pick up an old Audrey to see how it could be better. It's a great digital picture frame. The built in apps work well. But the Calendar function is almost useless! I can't put events or reminders on the calendar? C'mon HP, this is a basic function. My other big complaint is that on-screen keyboard. I realize that a full touch screen would add too much cost to the device. But USB ports are already there - how about letting me plug in a keyboard? Or maybe offer a IR keyboard? The remote is very limited, but an IR keyboard would be great and I'd be willing to buy it as an accessory. I would also consider adding a phone jack and giving it the ability to work as a caller ID display.

By TechGuy919 on HP - Dec 16, 2009

Poor Streaming ability

HP has a creative device that has loads of potential but falls short when it comes to streaming music. I have the HP MediaVault and it will stream music but the DreamScreen only will play streaming music from Windows Media player 11, 12. I have all of my media in one place and would like to play it from there. The way HP has it I would have to have my computer on and streaming music from one networked device to another networked device (the computer being the middle man). HP's equipment should work with HP's equipment. What a waste. I hope HP will enable more streaming ability. I would purchase 3 right now if it did that.

By MyNickname on HP - Dec 8, 2009

Great product!

It's just the right size and works better than I expected. Just hope HP keeps supporting it. The only improvement I could see that would take this to the next level is to put a built-in microphone and webcam in it. Then I can set it on the counter and use Skype to communicate. That's what we have all been waiting for! Take the hint HP ! It gets four stars only because netbooks cost a tad more and they have a microphone and webcam. Even with out those features it's still great.

By TechieGeek on HP - Dec 8, 2009

Interesting product

I am planning to buy couple of these for my grown-up kids for X'mas. The features look great based on the product description. As I read through the review from this forum, I can see the pros and cons of this product. I think HP takes the right step in the consumer entertainment market with this product. However, there are lots of room for improvement. The value of this product is not only in the product design, but also in the user interface and the features it offers, namely the software applications. I wish HP can open up the API for developers/uers to develop their own applications and be used in this product making it more flexible and user friendly similar to Apple's Iphone strategy. HP should also provide a port and software utilities to update the resident program so that when there is any update from HP, users are able to "flash" to a new version and enjoy the benefit of the new applications and making their product always useful instead of being obsolete just in a matter of months. May it can go through the internet via the LAN or WiFi connection to update the software. Oveall, I give praise to HP to come up with nice looking and fresh ideas in consumer entertainment electronic market.

By lcdmaster on HP - Dec 7, 2009

Looks good, but I want an internet Browser

This product looks great. I love how it combines a picture frame with a digital media adapter. What would make me buy it is if it had a full on internet browser, though. It looks like it's almost there; it can do Pandora, Facebook, and Weather, but if I could access a list of bookmarked websites (possibly synched with the browser on my PC) that would be even better. Think; recipes for a kitchen mount, you tube, or whatever. Even better would be if it had a battery and could work as an e-book as well.

By PJinSF on HP - Dec 7, 2009

Not bad but could be better

As a standalone web enabled device or a fancy digital picture frame it is pretty good but did not meet my original expectations. The primary issue I had with this is the lack of memory and limited software. My conclusion is that it is basically like a big iPOD touch with less memory and lesser software for about the same cost.

By MikeinNYC on HP - Dec 7, 2009

Liked up to extent

Recently I purchased Dreamscreen 10. Before purchasing I reviewed other products available in the market and went for dreamsceen as it has extended features that helps to use it as appliance rather than static picture frame. I liked couple of features such as Pandora, facebook very much. This features are very good and adds lot of value to device. Look and feel of device is pretty good and picture resolution is up to mark. My main intention behind purchase of this was to use my pc as media center and stream pics and music from there instead of copying them to device each time I update my pic lib or music lib. Music stream is working perfect but picture streaming is not working. I could see pic file available in library but was not able to run slide show of stream of them. I tried all the option suggested in help... may be it is security related issue or software bug and hope that HP will correct it soon. Other thing I observed it timezones are not standard and I did not find time zone information for country I am planning to use it same is true with weather. Overall I am happy with other features of the device with hope that HP will resolve said issues soon and add more features to make it more useful.

By Krishnas on HP - Dec 6, 2009

HP DreamScreen

Before I say anything else, I'd like to preface my remarks by saying I currently have two of the dreamscreen in my living room, connected to my stereo system, and one in my bedroom, as a stand-alone. I really like the dreamscreen. It's a beautiful design and has the makings of a terrific device. The things I mention as 'cons' are all things I hope HP can and will correct in software upgrades. Pro's Design / Ease of setup / Internet Radio / Weather / Clock / Calendar / Photos / Screen / Video / Networking (wireless & wired) / price point Cons (things that could be better) > needs a sleep timer (so you can have the device on when you go to bed and it will shut off in 30/60/120 minutes - so it shuts off after you're asleep) > should be able to choose an interent radio station to as an option for the alarm > should be able to auto re-connect with the last internet radio station or sound option when the device is turned on > should be able to organize your internet radio stations (you go through and choose the stations you'd like on 'your' list, but once they're on 'your' list, you can't arrange them or organize them so the ones you listen to the most are first, etc.) > you should be able to choose the clock, the weather, or the calendar as screen savers which will run while listening to internet radio (right now, when you can either listen to the radio, look at the clock, look at the weather, OR look at the calendar, you can NOT combine any of these functions) > I don't know about any one else, but the screen saver NEVER kicks in on my dreamscreen when I'm listening to internet continues to display the channel list or I can manually implement a photo slideshow on the screen. I expected the screensaver to kick in (yes, it IS set up for 5 mins in the settings) but it never does. > when choosing internet radio stations, it would be nice to be able to refine the search more using the on-board keyboard, so you don't have to step through 1300 radio stations to find all of the old time radio or horror or mystery or talk stations. All of those are currently lumped together under the 'talk' designation and it's really annoying and time consuming to sit there for 20 minutes stepping through talk radio stations when you just want old time radio - for example If HP can upgrade and correct most or all of these items, they'd have one heck of a terrific device. I like it, and want to love it, but as it sits, think it's doomed at some point if these aren't corrected. Apple is going to come along with a competitive item that's going to kill this, otherwise. The price point is great on this, although I think they'd sell more units by pricing the 10 inch screen at $199. and the $13 inch screen at $250.

By Ellisonx on HP - Nov 8, 2009

Great gift for a techy

Among many picture frames in this price range, this definitely has the best capabilities. 2GB of storage, internet connectivity and especially radio are great. It looks great and fits in perfectly with the rest of the high-tech gadgets. Cons: Need more from internet. The possibility is limitless here, keep innovating.

By Zeeman on HP - Nov 5, 2009

Great new device

I recently got one of the 10 inch Dream Screens. I have really enjoyed it so far & haven't even used all the different applications you can do on it yet. The picture on this is very clear. the sound quality is also very good. I have used the radio program & the Pandora app. I have also accessed Facebook. This would be a great Chrisimas present for anyone who likes music & photos at the push of a button. The Weather Bug app is also good if you need to do a quick check on the weather.

By ZiggyDoo on HP - Oct 27, 2009

HP DreamScreen 100

The DreamScreen 100 is HPs entry-level internet media tablet. The device is a thin, mobile 10.2" display that connects to a wireless home network. It can access music, video, and photos stored on a networked PC, as well as connect directly to the internet to provide Facebook updates, internet radio, weather updates, and more. The included stand allows it to be used in portrait or landscape...
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