Lib Technologies Sidi Dominator 5 Women's Shoes Black/Black, 42.5

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The Sidi Dominator 5 is one of our most popular shoes for women.  It assumes that ladies use a mountain bike-specific pedal system such as the Shimano M970, Crankbrothers Egg Beater pedals, or the Speedplay Frog. Since mountain bike cleats are small, they recess flush with the tread on the bottom of your shoes. With recessed cleats you can walk to your heart's content without having to worry about slipping and sliding on your cleats and making a racket as your plastic cleats click-clack on the ground. If you plan on making walking a significant part of your daily riding habits, a mountain bike shoe is ideal -- even if your only bike is a road bike!The Lorica/Mesh construction of the Sidi Women's Dominator 5 offers superb ventilation and durability. Its Competition sole gives you improved traction and superior mud expulsion to make portaging your bike worlds easier. Sidi knows, too, that bunny hops and creek crossings require a snug fit (without cutting off your circulation). The Ultra SL buckle allows you to micro-adjust strap pressure, so the fit of your upper won't be too loose or too tight. The Ultra SL is mated to a Soft Arch Compression Strap to distribute the pressure of the upper of the shoe over a more dispersed area on the top of your foot. And, High Security Velcro strap (the Dominator 5 has two of these). The Velcro is reinforced with integrated locking teeth to absolutely, positively resist slippage.The molded plastic heel cup and padded tongue with fit relievers are the final small (but important) details that deliver unparalleled comfort in a mountain bike shoe. Available in Black and Black/Silver from sizes 38-43.

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Sport/Activity: cycling

Material: Mesh, Plastic, Synthetic


Product Title: Lib Technologies Sidi Dominator 5 Women's Shoes Black/Black, 42.5

Manufacturer: Lib Technologies

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