Skechers Tone Ups Women's Shadow Box Thong Sandals - Fuchsia

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Try a fun fresh way to tone your legs and strengthen your core in this sequin and canvas thong sandal. A multi-density EVA footbed and midsole simulate walking on a ogiving surface like soft sand. Your heel sinks slightly as you step rolls forward as your weight shifts to the center and pushes off with your toes. This movement helps strengthen legs buttocks back and abdominal muscles while stabilizing your steps. The soft surface absorbs impact as your foot makes contact with the ground taking pressure off the body at the same time it works your core muscles. The result A gentle feel on your joints strengthened lower body increased circulation and improved posture. Plus this sandal can help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism.

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Shoe/boot Type: flip-flops

Material: Canvas


Product Title: Skechers Tone Ups Women's Shadow Box Thong Sandals - Fuchsia

Manufacturer: Skechers

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