Pearl Drums Pearl HS-200A Hexagonal Drive Shaft


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Are you running into wear on the U-joints in the linkage axle for the slave pedal of your Pearl Eliminator double-kick pedal? These joints bear the brunt of your double-beating and, if not regularly lubed, they will eventually begin to wear down.Wobbly linkages probably make you start thinking you'll have to replace the entire unit... Not so!This is a replacement for one of your Eliminator's drive shafts. The Eliminator complete assembly consists of 2 hexagonal drive shafts which fit into a single sleeve. This set is for one of those drive shafts and includes the U-joint and necessary key bolts. Don't forget to keep your U-joints well-oiled so this doesn't happen again. Don't wait for squeaking, by then the damage is already being done.Includes one drive shaft with U-joint and key bolts


Product Title: Pearl Drums Pearl HS-200A Hexagonal Drive Shaft

Manufacturer: Pearl Drums

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