Oomingmak Qiviut Cap by the Oomingmak Cooperative


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This Qiviut cap is styled similarly to a watch cap, with a doubled cuff to provide extra warmth over the ears. It is a clear choice for a cold weather cap, yet thin enough to fit comfortably under a parka hood in extreme conditions. 100% qiviut wool. The

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Hat types: caps


Product Title: Oomingmak Qiviut Cap by the Oomingmak Cooperative

Manufacturer: Oomingmak

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Best the hand of man can make.

Absolutely will not itch. Ever. Cool when it is warm, warm when it is cool. Comfortable always. Weighs about as much as a tea bag. Properly restrained in appearance, effectuates its role with serene grace. My grandpa taught me that when you find the REAL item, you are under an almost moral obligation to choose it: save up if you must, but support the real blowed-in-the-glass item by buying it....
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By Max the sailorman on David Morgan - Sep 18, 2012

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