Lift Kits The Don" - Men's 1 Inch Shoe Lift / Heel Insole

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œThe Donx9D - 1 Inch Shoe Shoe Insoles / Heel Lifts are made for lower ankle supported shoes, but can also be used in High Tops and Boots. Features Adds 1 inch in height One size fits all. Trim to fit if needed. All LiftKits come in pairs Orthopedic design Ever heard someone being called a œDon?x9D No? Well if you havent, Don Juan was a legendary Spanish nobleman known for his wild adventures and for his uncanny ability to seduce women. Now please dont get confused, our 1-inch lift œThe Donx9D will not instantly give you the ability to seduce women but it will add an inch to your height, increase your self-esteem, your confidence and your machismo. œThe Donx9D fits perfectly into boots, high top sneakers, and most lo top sneakers. This is the shoe lift that you will want to wear when you cant get away with wearing the 2-inch œGame Changer.x9D We do not recommend wearing this hidden wedge in dress shoes or loafers. This product is a full length of shoe insole that offers an inch of increased height under the heel. They are One Size Fits All, and are pre-marked on the bottom with sizing so that you can cut and customize to your shoes exact size.

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Gender: Man

Shoe Accessories: insole


Product Title: Lift Kits The Don" - Men's 1 Inch Shoe Lift / Heel Insole

Manufacturer: Lift Kits

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