Reviews for Under Armour Men's Under Armour Escape 7'' Solid Running Shorts - Black/Reflective

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By RaviKumarPatnaik - Feb 12, 2014


I love these shorts so much, I have 4 of the exact same pair. These are the 7in, for all the people saying they are too short, buy the 9in. They fit perfect. I can move with no problems. Great for running, lifting, crossfit, swimming, or just lounging around. They dry super fast, and are super breathable. I can't find a single thing wrong with them.

By mlreynolds21 on Under Armour - Nov 29, 2013

Everything is Good!

I like how these shorts are, I wish they make a different material on the Logo since its peeling off after the first wash! Id say use the one from their charged shirts (embossed). Overall, I love it!

By RobFromLV on Under Armour - Oct 14, 2013

Inside snug

The underwear liner is exactly what you need if you want to wear these alone for any exercise. Snug.

By AZBehr on Under Armour - Oct 7, 2013

Excellent All Purpose Shorts!

Excellent all purpose shorts! You can wear them for anything and be comfortable.

By Pdrz on Under Armour - Sep 9, 2013

7" short feels like 5"

Will buy these a size bigger. The 2012 size was perfect ,2013 a bit smaller.

By DiverDown on Under Armour - Aug 2, 2013

I want more

I like the shorts a lot I use them for cross training and it works and looks good on me. I am going to order another pair. ERIC

By wongy on Under Armour - Jul 23, 2013

Nice running shorts

I really like the pockets. A couple of things I did notice were the inner part of the shorts seems to run a little snug compaired to the size of the shorts themselves. For some reason these seem to ride up between my legs when I run. I have to keep pulling them back down. I don't have that problem with the shorter lengths.

By wtp1 on Under Armour - Jul 19, 2013


Great work out shorts; just run a little small, but very, very comfortable.

By mikebol on Under Armour - Jul 14, 2013

For the Super Tall ~ too short.

For the Super Tall person - it's very hard to find a pair long enough. They run too short

By Tallguys3 on Under Armour - Jun 11, 2013

Great Shorts!!!

These are great shorts! I am a female that doesn't like short shorts and the men's shorts work great. Love the length and they have pockets. I wear these for casual shorts. I don't wear them to work out. I love these shorts and have purchased 3 more pair in different colors.

By JamiG on Under Armour - Jun 8, 2013

Great features

My grandson loved these-fit was great and the pockets were a definite hit with him.

By granny4 on Under Armour - Jun 3, 2013

Great Running Short

I purchased these shorts for running as I prefer a longer running short. I've completed a few runs in them and one long run, and I have been completely satisfied. The shorts are long enough to prevent riding up (no chaffing), but not so long as to interfere with running. The shorts move with you and do an excellent job at wicking moisture.

By Winfield on Under Armour - Apr 2, 2013