Nike Stefan Janoski Nike SB Janoski - Mens - Black/Mint

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Color: black

Material: Suede


Product Title: Nike Stefan Janoski Nike SB Janoski - Mens - Black/Mint

Manufacturer: Nike

Power Score: 4.5 | 527 Reviews

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pretty slick

Great shoes. Was a bit weary due to some complaints of durability but these lasted a good five months. the soles held up superbly. if you want the life to last i suggest you just skate easy in them with just pushing around doing ollies, front/back 180s, half-cabs and stuff, You should probably lay off the flip tricks for a little bit. Theyre super comfy and i have wide feet so yea theyre pretty...
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By ikenna on CCS - Nov 27, 2013


This shoes are amazing, but the shoelaces are a little uncomfortable.

By evidals on CCS - Nov 27, 2013

Comfortable with great fabric

I have a lot of Janoski's and these are by far my favorite. They were tight at first but once I broke them in they fit fine.

By Jonyboy on CCS - Nov 26, 2013

Versatile Pair

This Janoski is a fantastic shoe. It's a great casual shoe and I imagine it skates pretty well. I have three pairs of Janoski's and more may be on the way. It can run narrow but that was one pair out of the three.

By jmayn on CCS - Nov 20, 2013


The stefan janoski shoe is very durable, only thing I didn't like about this shoe was some of the shoe was made of canvas which rips very easily when I skate

By Jblaze on CCS - Nov 19, 2013

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